Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide ­čĹâ - 18 - Pain Control After Rhinoplasty

Reducing Pain After Rhinoplasty 

Is it necessary to use pain reliever after nasal aesthetic surgery?

After the nasal surgery, pain can be felt in varying amounts depending on the procedures performed and the pain sensitivity of the person. Most of our patients usually need to use painkillers for the first few days after surgery or on the first day. Minimal traumatic procedures used during surgery may contribute to the reduction of the pain felt by the patients by washing the surgical area with regular iced serum.

The pain that is felt after the nose aesthetic is unbearable!

During nasal surgery, application of cold sterile serum impregnated gauze to the nasal region, painful injections of the pain to the surgical site, anatomically respectful and careful operations are effective in reducing postoperative pain. The use of internal silicone splints, usually made of unbuffered or pure silicone, can provide a feeling of post-nasal pressure and less nasal obstruction.

What are the benefits of pain relief medicines? 

Burun esteti─či sonras─▒ a─čr─▒ kesiciler nas─▒l kullan─▒l─▒r? - Estetik burun ameliyat─▒ sonras─▒ a─čr─▒ olur mu? - Burun esteti─či sonras─▒ ne kadar a─čr─▒ olur?

Different pain relievers can be used after surgery. Pain medicines other than paracetamol also have antiinflammatory effects. That is to say, besides the reduction of pain, there may also be positive effects in reducing tissue sweats. Likewise, those with content other than paracetamol content have side effects such as increased risk of bleeding and causing stomach pain.

Use of high dose pain relief drugs can increase the risk of post-surgery nasal bleeding!

After nasal surgery, there is a risk that all pain medication increases the risk of bleeding  (not as strong as aspirin), except for paracetamol. In particular, the risk of nose bleeding may increase if it is used over the normal dose. There is no effect of stopping the nosebleeds of pure silicone splints placed in the nose and allowing the patient to pass through a comfortable week. In other words, if the nasal bleeding that occurs when the painkillers are overused can not be stopped, it may be necessary to place a classical nasal buffer (painful and I do not like it).

Dr.Murat Enoz Talks About "Pain Control After Nose Aesthetic Surgery"

The information in this guide was prepared by Dr.Murat En├Âz for patients who underwent rhinoplasty. 
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