Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 9 - Requirements On The Day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

What To Do On The Day Of The Rhinoplasty Surgery

How should you come to the hospital at the day of rhinoplasty operation?

On the day of surgery, the patient should be hungry and thirsty. If operation is performed under general anesthesia; eating and drinking fluid should be terminated at least 8 hours before the surgery appointment time. During general anesthesia, muscle relaxants are used. While in the horizontal position, stomach contents can leak to the lungs, causing aspiration pneumonitis

You should be in the hospital at least 2 hours before the surgery appointment time!

You need to reach the hospital on the day of surgery, 8 hours hungry and anhydrous, and at least 2 hours after the surgery appointment sale. The reason for this is that the morning of the operation requires routine anesthesia surveys and additional time for the anesthesia examination. Patients who go to the hospital for further anesthesia examination on the day of surgery may come to the surgery an hour before the surgery. Almost all of our patients prefer to arrive 2 hours early on the day of surgery because they want to complete all procedures on the same day. While some patients fast for 8 hours before surgery, they may accidentally drink water right before surgery. Remember that if you drink just a cup of coffee or a glass of water, you need to wait up to 6 additional hours. This is because under general anesthesia, that is, while you are unconscious; all stomach contents may leak into the lungs, causing lung damage and serious respiratory distress. Therefore, it is necessary to be hungry and thirsty for 8 hours before general anesthesia.

Is it necessary to bring special clothes on the operation day?

Generally, patients are dressed in patient clothes in accordance with sterilization procedures on the day of surgery. When the battalion period was also considered; it may be convenient to bring a pair of sweatpants and sweatpants which can be easily removed on the day of surgery. 

Medications that must not be used before the operation

Before nasal surgery, bleeding may interfere with the anesthetic drugs that may affect clotting, and use of medicines and products that may affect wound healing is disadvantageous. More information about these products can be found at link (Aspirin, omega 3 fish oils, ginseng, garlic, flaxseed, ginger, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba and many other drugs and herbal products can be included in this list) >> Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide - 8 - Medications and Products to Avoid Before and After Rhinoplasty

You will stay in the hospital on the day of surgery!

On the day of the rhinoplasty operation, you will be given ice and various medications at the hospital. So don't forget that you will be hospitalized one day. You can start eating and drinking water by mouth starting from the 4th hour after the surgery. After the 4th hour, patients are usually able to talk comfortably, and your companions can return to the hotel after the 4th hour if they wish.

Dr.Murat Enoz Talks About "What to Do On The Day of Surgery"

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