Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 10 - How Long Does Rhinoplasty Operation Take?

Rhinoplasty Surgery Time 

How much time will rhinoplasty operation take to complete?

The duration of nasal aesthetic surgery can vary according to the number of operations to be performed and the technique used. For example, only the nasal hump removal process takes about 30 - 60 min. When the different processes such as additional grafting, septoplasty, turbinate reduction with readiofrequency ... etc are additionally performed, the process time is about 2 hours. When we look at the average, we have found that the duration of our nasal aesthesia is approximately 1.5 -2  hours except for periods of anesthesia sleeping and waking up.

Especially complicated revision nose aesthetic surgery can last up to 4-5 hours.

Apart from these, the length of stay of the patients in the operation room can be changed according to the hospitals. In hospitals with high quality standards, patients are followed up after being awakened in addition to waiting in the collection rooms. I mean, the time it takes for the patient to get to the room after waking up can be much longer

In symmetric and arched nose, rhinoplasty duration may become shorter!

The nasal aesthetic is unique to the person, meaning that the operations are different series of operations. Nasal aesthetic surgeries for nasal symmetric structures, which have no cartilage curvature, only a nasal arch problem, are much easier and can be completed in a shorter time. However, in patients with very thin skin, it may slow down the operation as it requires intensive care during surgery. In particular, curved noses, "C-nose", in the nose with advanced nasal septum deviation, the expected duration of the surgical procedure may be longer.

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In complicated revision rhinoplasty surgeries, that is, in noses that have previously undergone repeated surgical procedures, even tissue dissection alone may take much longer than normal primary rhinoplasty. In these patients, many different factors such as skin subcutaneous tissue suture reactions and healing tissues tightening may make it difficult to reveal the cartilage and bone structure. In revision nose surgeries, when sufficient cartilage tissue for cartilage grafts cannot be found in the nose, additional external cartilage tissue may be required. For this purpose, the patient's own ribs, auricle cartilage or rib cartilages from another human being, that is, obtained from a cadaver, can be used. Considering all these factors, it is inevitable that the duration of revision nose surgeries will be much longer than primary rhinoplasty surgeries. However, in simple revision rhinoplasty surgeries, such as adding a cartilage graft only to an area at the tip of the nose, the duration may be much shorter and the operation can be completed simply. Again, in crooked nose surgeries, in patients with serious nasal deformities such as c-shaped nose, scoliotic nose or s-shaped nose, the total procedure time may be longer than other simple rhinoplasty surgeries.

How long do you need to stay in the operating room for rhinoplasty surgery? 

While the total duration of rhinoplasty operations is roughly 1.5 to 3 hours, excluding the time spent during the surgery, the patient's general anesthesia preparation period and sleeping period are approximately 30-45 minutes, and the total wake-up or recovery period after the surgery is approximately 30-45 minutes. Generally, I want our patients to wake up slowly after surgery, and we request that painkiller cocktails be administered during waking up and that the patient comes out of general anesthesia without stress and goes into normal wakefulness.

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