Lingual Frenectomy Operation With Scissor Video

Lingual Frenectomy Operation With Scissor Video

For the purpose of treating Tongue tie, I have previously published a variety of videos that include tongue cutting (lingual brakeotomy). We have published another video that includes triangular removal of the tongue ligament tissue. It looks a lot like the previous ones. Differences and technical details:

- Big part of tongue tie tissue removed, the risk of adhesion between wound lips is falling
- is not easy to apply to babies in office conditions (tongue tie is easier to cut)
- it is very easy but not favorable for patients with posterior tongue tie.
- the area to be removed is marked by first using a hemostat and then cut with the help of scissors, laser, electrocautery or thermal welding device.
- local anesthetic spray and injection of a local anesthetic drug prior to the procedure is necessary for the patient to feel the pain.
- care must be taken not to damage the lower jaw salivary gland and opening mouth during the procedure
- general care advice and what to do after the procedure, as in the conventional classical tongue tie cutting (no difference).

Treatment of Tongue Tie - Tongue Tie Surgery - Frenectomy - Frenulectomy - Lingual ferenectomy operation
Treatment of Tongue Tie - Tongue Tie Surgery - Frenectomy - Frenulectomy - Lingual ferenectomy operation

As shown in the photo above, the removal of the tongue tie region seen as a dark triangular area is shown. During the procedure, care should be taken not to cause any damage to the submandibular salivary gland duct.

You can find more information and sources at >> Tongue Tie (Ankyloglossia) - Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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