Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 44 - How to Use Nasal Moisturizing Products After Rhinoplasty?

Nasal Moisturizer Products

Using of nasal moisturizing products after rhinoplasty?

There are many different products that are produced on the market as nasal moisturizers. These products are preferred especially for nasal aesthetics, septoplasty surgery, turbinate radiofrequency, to improve the healing of  the nasal mucosa with adjuvant epithelialization effect to more quickly and to minimize scaling and drying after the operation. These products usually contain hyaluronic acid, panthenol, glycerol, cellulose, sesame oil, allantoin, avocado oil, shea butter and the like.

There may be very different opinions about the use of these products. I usually recommend the use of nasal moisturizers which lubricates and preserves the moisture of the nasal mucosa. They sold in the pharmacies with epithelial properties and as an adjunct to treatment with vaseline or olive oil derivatives (such as Nazalnem Damla, Rinopanteina Damla)

Nasal moisturizer products

Some of the products sold as an adjunct to treatment for the prevention of mucosal healing in the nose after nose surgeries, nasal hair treatment and intranasal crusting can be listed as follows:

- Rinopanteina drops / spray
- Nazalnem drops / spray
- SiccNasal® Ointment
- Sinomarin Moisturizing Nose Cream
- Siozwo Nasal Care Cream
- Bruno Antidry Moisturizing Spray
- Tonimer Gel
- Hysan Baby Moisturizing Nose Drops
- Hylonem Nasal Spray and Hylonem Nose Ointment

Do not try to clean your nose with finger, paper napkin or Q tip (cotton swabs) after surgery!

After nose surgery, finger, napkin, paper towel or ear suction bar with the nose into the nose, loss of moisture in the nasal mucosa may cause damage and destruction. After the operation (especially during the first 2 months), the nose must be cleaned with saline only during the period during which the healing process in the nose continues.

The information in this guide was prepared by Dr.Murat Enöz for patients who underwent rhinoplasty. 
You can find different opinions and suggestions from other clinics and doctors. Please take into consideration 
the recommendations of the doctors who performed your aesthetic nose surgery. Sometimes drug names given here 
only in Turkey may also belong to the drugs found. Plenty of luck :)
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