`Filling Root of The Nose With Subcutaneous Tissue + Limited Nasal Hump Removal + Nose Tip Plasty` Video:

Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone in Istanbul

Nasal aesthetics can be performed, especially in limited amounts of nasal belt and droopy nose tip without nasal bone breaking in patients with no expectation of perfection. In the above video, the nose tip plasty + limited nasal hump reduction + nasal root filling with subcutaneous tissue taken from the nose tip procedures are performed and the nose photos are available before and after.

In the above video, the nose job is performed and the nose photos are available before and after. At the same time, it is aimed to obtain a better nose both aesthetically and functionally. A permanent suture material and an industrial artificial product were not used, absorbable suture materials and the patient's body tissues were used. After the procedure, no external thermoplastic nasal splint was used and only a few tapes were attached to the nose.

You can find detailed information about this link >> http://www.muratenoz.com/2018/04/burun-koku-dolgusu-burun-kemeri-torpusu-burun-ucu-estetigi.html

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