Total Operation Time For "Nose Tip Plasty, Nose Tip Lifting, Nasal Hump Reduction and Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone"

Operation Time For  Nose Tip Surgeries and Nasal Hump Removal

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In patients with problems related to the nose tip and nose hump, multiple procedures and applications can be performed at the same time without breaking the nasal bone.
These applications are planned for patients who are eligible and after an ent specialist has examined. So every nose is not suitable for rhinoplasty without breaking the bone.

I would like to list the procedures that can be done with the nasal operations as follows and write roughly average processing times:

Nose tip lifting operation time

It is only the process for changing the forward or upward angle of the nose tip. No nasal tip changes. 20 - 45 minutes according to the technique used in the process.

Nose tip plasty operation time

It includes many different shape changes such as thinning, narrowing, enlargement of the nasal tip, change in the shape of the nasal wings, as well as in the form of wing collapse treatment in order to make the nose tip more functional. The average processing time is between 45-60 min according to the technique. In this operation, many different procedures can be performed such as "nose tip reduction, nasal tip collapse, nasal tip lifting ...".

Nasal hump reduction operation time

Open or closed technique can be performed in nasal surgery operations or with nose tip surgery operations. The average processing time is between 20-45 min.
Reduction of nasal meat (lower turbinate radiofrequency)
Modern radiofrequency devices that measure tissue diestes are generally used today, and the average procedure time is between 5-10 min.

Septum deviation treatment (SMR, septoplasty, septum deviation correction surgery) operation time

During the nose-tip aesthetics and nose surgery operations, the curved cartilage areas in the nasal septum are removed. These removed cartilage areas are used to change the shape of the nose. In other words, the cartilage area that narrows the nose airway of the patient is removed; both these cartilages are used for nose-to-nose. The average processing time is between 20-30 min.

This procedure, which can be performed with the nasal tip surgery, affects the total operation time, the operation fee and the recovery time after surgery. Generally, in patients who do not want too much change in the form of nose, instead of trying to eliminate the defects completely, the nose structure can be made much more beautiful and functional by making the nose as much as possible. Nasal bone is removed as much as the bone tissue is removed while the nose belt. However, in patients with excessive unevenness of the nasal bone, nasal bone is not possible to eliminate completely the asymmetry without breaking.

Verily, for the most accurate set of actions for you is get you consider suggestions from your doctor who examined.

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