Wearing Glasses After Nasal Hump Reduction

Can I Wear Glasses Nasal Hump Reduction?

When can I start to wear glasses after nasal hump reduction?

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Nasal hump surgery can sometimes be sufficient for nose aesthetic surgery alone. Since only the "hump" or "bridge of the nose" area of ​​the nose will be rasped, the recovery time is shorter after the operation as the nasal bones are not broken. Nasal hump reduction, also known as dorsal hump reduction, involves the surgical removal or reshaping of the bony and cartilaginous structures that form a bump on the bridge of the nose. This procedure can be performed as part of a traditional rhinoplasty or as a standalone operation, depending on the patient's needs.

Unlike classic nose aesthetics, it is easier to wear glasses. Although there are discussions about this issue; glasses can be used after 3-4 weeks. If nasal hump reduction is performed together with nose tip plasty operation it is also needed to be more patient in the use of glasses. Heavy and nose tight glasses are not ideal. Glasses, nose splints, such as the nose bone to the sides of the pressure at the same time, because the air pressure without pressure, the classic nose surgery after the use of glasses in the early period of the glasses, collapse of the glasses, the color change can be seen. Although the nose bone is not broken; There may be a negative effect on the nose due to the weight of the glasses and the risk of asymmetric compression. It is best to decide on the answer to this question after the surgery.

Wearing Glasses During Initial Recovery:
  • Avoid Direct Contact: It is essential to avoid placing glasses directly on the nose during the initial healing period to prevent pressure on the surgical site.
  • Alternative Solutions:
    • Contact Lenses: If possible, switch to contact lenses during the recovery period to eliminate the need for glasses.
    • Special Tape or Foam Padding: Use medical tape or foam padding to lift the glasses off the nose. This method can be used once the splint is removed but should be done under the guidance of your surgeon.
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