Bruise and Edema Relief Product + Sun Protective Containing "Arnica Gel Cream SPF 30+" Can Be Used After Nose Aesthetic

Arnica Jel Krem Spf 30+ : Edema-Reducing + Sunscreen + Bruise Relief Product

Arnica Jel Krem + Spf 30+
Arnica Jel Krem + Spf 30+

In case of contact with the sunlight and nose after nose surgery, contact with sunlight should be avoided in the early period due to its effects on fibroblast cells which play a major role in wound healing.

In particular, the use of gels containing Arnica Flower extract in the first few weeks of surgery is useful in eliminating edema and, if any, of the bruises. Early use of oily sunscreen creams on the nose can adversely affect the air transfer of the skin. In this early period, the use of Arnica Gel Cream Spf 30+, which has both bruising and edema and sunscreen properties, seems to be a very suitable product.

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You can buy the product from pharmacies. I just added it here for information. Please contact your pharmacy or the manufacturer for a product request or a question about the product.

Arnica Jel Krem + Spf 30+
Arnica Jel Krem + Spf 30+

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