Causes and Treatment of Nasal Obstruction

Nasal Congestion

Causes of Nasal Congestion

Nasal obstruction may occur due to many different conditions and diseases. Below, the diseases and conditions that may cause nasal obstruction are summarized briefly.

- Nasal septum deviation

One of the most common reasons. If the septum, which separates the nasal space into two, is curved towards one side, it may cause the obstruction of the air since there will be inadequate air intake from the side of the curvature.

- Turbinate hypertrophy

turbinate hypertrophy + right maxillary retention cyst
In the tomography image above, retention cyst in the right maxillary sinus (red arrow) and left inferior tubinate hypertrophy (yellow arrow) are seen in the patient with long-standing allergic symptoms and nasal congestion.

It is usually seen with septum deviation. Nose meat is responsible for heating and purifying the air. As the volume of nasal flesh increases, airway resistance may increase, leading to nasal congestion.

- Nasal valve problems

The air passage region below the nose wings is roughly referred to as the on nasal valve region. This region is the narrowest part of the nose, where airway resistance is infrequent. Constructing this region may cause nasal congestion because of the fact that the airway will make air intake more difficult (nasal valve collapse - increased intranasal airway resistance).

Nasal septum deviation - Causes of nasal congestion - Turbinate hypertrophy - Nasal valve problems - nasal valve collapse - Nasal polyps - Choanal atresia - Foreign bodies in the nose - Adenoid hypertrophy - Nasal congestion treatment

- Infections

Infections such as influenza, colds, sinusitis, nasal mucosa, nasal congestion and nasal congestion may occur due to influences on the nose.

- Allergic diseases

Obstruction of the nasal mucosa, such as allergic rhinitis, and obstruction of the diseases in the nasal passages can be seen.

- Nasal polyps

Generally, nasal polyps seen in people with allergic constitution or people with intestinal obstruction can cause nasal obstruction by closing the airways in the nose.

- Choanal atresia

“Choanal atresia" is a congenital anomaly which means that the holes called at "Choana" between the nasal cavity and the nasal region are a plaque with a plaque. Since the baby is born, it can cause severe respiratory distress. When it is single-sided, it may not be noticed until adult age.

- Tumors arising from the nasal cavity

As the area of the airways will narrow in the tumoral masses caused by the nose or in the sinuses, nasal obstruction may be seen. In patients with tumouralcity, sometimes only one symptom may be nasal obstruction.

- Foreign bodies in the nose

Especially nasal obstruction may be seen in children due to the introduction of a foreign body in the nose. It can be seen as a nasal stone (rhinolith).

- Adenoid hypertrophy

It is one of the most common causes of nasal obstruction in children. When adenoid hypertrophy occurs, the air behind the nose will be closed and nasal obstruction may occur.
The treatment style varies according to the cause of the nasal obstruction. Medical and surgical treatment options for each case can be found on this website.

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