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Septoplasty Cost Near Istanbul

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Nasal sepum divides the nasal cavity into two columns. If thse septıum is deviated to the one side many symptoms such as nasal obstruction, open mouth, sleep capacity and sleep quality decrease, headache, nosebleed, recurrent sinusitis episodes may occur. In this case, called nasal septum deviation, in order to widen mechanically narrowed areas due to cartilage curvature in intranasal airways, the cartilaginous areas are removed after removal of the cartilage membrane and the septum is flattened. Generally, the lower nasal flesh on the other side of the narrowed curvature is also seen as larger than normal. This condition, called compensatory hypertrophy, is considered to narrow the area which is more than normal in the nasal cavity and for the purpose of moistening, refining, heating and pressurization of the air, in order to bring the wide space closer to normal. A nasal cavity is narrower than normal means the other side is wider than normal. In this way, cartilage curvature on one side and nose growth on the other side are responsible for constriction in the nose. If the cartilage curvature is multifaceted, as in the dak S-shaped deviation of the septum gibi, the two nasal cavities may become narrower due to the cartilage curvature. Surgery for the treatment of nasal septum deviation is referred to as septoplasty operation. Normally, nasal septum deviation surgery is performed with closed technique and the processing time is about 15-20 min. When there is an advanced septum deviation, open technique can be performed as septoplasty and the procedure can take 1 hour. Together with the turbinate operation can be done and in this way additional 10-15 minutes is required. If all of these conditions are added under the conditions of hospitals and general or local anesthesia, the transaction prices may vary widely. Average septoplasty operation cost (one day staying in hospital, all tests, all instruments, all doctor fees are included in this price) of septoplasty in Istanbul is about 1750 - 2500 US Dollars for reasonably priced hospitals.

In many luxury hospitals and when an additional nose surgery is performed (turbinate radiofrequency, nose type plasty, nose tip lifting, nasal hum recution ... etc), the total operation fee can be increased. In so luxury hospitals, the septoplasty price can rise to 2500 - 3500 US Dollars. Septoplasty cost is higher in luxury hospitals. Some patients may require open technique septoplasty. In this way, the operation time is longer.

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