Our New Partner Hospital: Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital

Our New Solution Partner Hospital: Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital - Memorial Bahcelievler Hastanesi

Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital that opened a few months ago, a well-equipped hospital, is now our solution partner! So when you come to my office for examination before the surgery, there is now this hospital among the hospitals offered to you.

The operating room conditions and rooms are quite nice.

I hope we can gladly do the operation of many of our patients here.

The anesthesia and cleaning conditions of the hospital where the surgery is performed are very important, especially in rhinoplasty operations and other operations. There are many different prices compared to hospitals.

Stay with love and health.

You can find some details about "Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital" at >> Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital Is Now Open

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital "Google Map Page" >> https://maps.app.goo.gl/cZujs

Memorial Bahçelievler is awarded the“Best Health Structure-Ongoing Project” award from Sign of the City Awards 2016, which is the most prestigious award of real estate sector in Turkey; and is the world’s first full service hospital with “LEED Platinum Certificate” which is given globally to sustainable green buildings.

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