Different Products For Nasal Surgery Without Packing: MeroGel® and MeroPack®

Due to the intense interest of patients with nasal surgery without nasal packing and the most practical and most effective product to the market, we are constantly seeing new products.

In fact, these products, which were obtained from hyaluranic acid and collagen derivatives which have been used in different applications for a long time, wanted to write these products which belong to Medtronic: MeroGel® and MeroPack®.


MeroGel® Bioresorbable Nasal Packing and Sinus Stent 

As a matter of fact, the production purpose is simple:
- Endoscopic sinusitis surgeries and other intranasal operations to prevent adherence from causes of failure and at the same time to stop bleeding.

The structure is summarized as follows:

- Hyaluronic acid is composed of cross-linked polymer.

How is it applied?

- After nose operations, it is applied with the help of a flexible catheter for easier access to nasal cavities.

So this product is designed to prevent more adhesions, to reduce the need for classical painful nasal packings and to recover from the pain associated with the removal of nasal packings. It may help prevent mucosal adhesions after the nasal surgeries.

MeroPack® Bioresorbable Nasal Packing and Sinus Stent

Production purpose is simple:

- After the nose surgeries and nasal traumas, to stop the bleeding within the nose.

The structure is summarized as follows:

- 80% esterified hyaluronic acid and 20% collagen

How is it applied?

- After nasal surgery, it is placed on the nasal cavity or on the bleeding area.

So this product is mostly produced to stop bleeding after nose surgeries and nasal trauma, reduce the need for bumper and recover from pain related to bumper removal.

So I would say this in response to the question of whether you are using a lot of products:

- These and similar products are practical and can be effective in truly selected patients. However, they block the air passage in the nose and cause nasal obstruction in patients. Especially allergic patients can sneeze as a result of contact with the nose hairs of the fusible buffers and they can remove these products early in the nose.
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