Recommendations for Nasal Dryness and Crusting in the Early Period After Nasal Surgery

Nasal Dryness and Crusting After Nose Surgeries

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Septoplasty surgery to correct nasal septum deviation and turbinate radiofrequency procedures for turbinate hypertrophy treatment are among the most common nasal surgeries.

During the septoplasty operation, the mucosal membrane on the nasal septum is removed by dissecting (submucosal dissection). In this way, the cartilaginous areas of the septum cartilage are removed which cause narrowing of the intranasal airway.

Turbinate radiofrequency procedures for reducing the volume of turbinate generally use modern radiofrequency devices that measure tissue resistance.

In both processes, varying amounts of intranasal mucosal damage occur. The exact healing of these mucosal injury areas may vary according to the care characteristics of the patient, the procedures performed and may last for at least 6 weeks and longer.

As seen in the photo above, intranasal mucosa traumatized patients can be seen in the nose, infection, bleeding, crusting and healing may be prolonged by mixing with regular fingers and napkins without using moisturizing product.

You can pay attention to the following suggestions to increase nasal mucosal humidity, reduce crusting and accelerate recovery in the early period after nasal surgery:

- Drink plenty of water

- Consume high water and fruit and vegetables

- Do not consume too salty products

- Reduce coffee and black tea consumption

- Clean the inside of the nose especially with the first 3 weeks ocean water sprays and after 3 weeks you can prepare a glass of water in your home by adding a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of carbonate and you can wash the nose with this water.

- Use intranasal moisturizer

- Intraoral mucosal recovery time can be 6 weeks and longer, please pay attention to your doctor's recommendations during this period and please be patient

- Avoid introducing napkins, fingers and cotton swabs into the nose;

- Do not mix the nose inside

- Avoid using drugs that can cause nasal dryness without consulting your doctor

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