Some Important Differences Between Nose Tip Aesthetic Animations and Nose Tip Surgery

Nose Tip Aesthetic Digital Animation

Differences between nose tip aesthetics and animation - Nose tip aesthetic surgery - Nose tip aesthetics animation - Nose tip plasty in Istanbul - Nose tip plasty in Istanbul

As technology evolves, when the artificial intelligence technology is added to the existing mobile phones, patients who want to have nose nose aesthetics or surgery now want to do their own nose by using the programs they want to offer the nose shapes.

The above animation is an animation (in GIF format) consisting of a series of photos that have been prepared in about 3 minutes. Here, skin, subcutaneous tissue, cartilage by touching the shape is provided.

The differences between the nose-tip animation and the actual nose-tip surgery operation can be presented as follows:

• If the cartilages that make up the nasal tip are asymmetrical in advance, the asymmetrical appearance may be partially observed after the recovery is complete due to the unforeseeable healing properties of any test previously caused by the survival of these tissues.

• In patients with thick nasal skin, skin shaping and thinning (subcutaneous tissue is removed during surgery) is sometimes close to impossible. Although the images can be obtained with angular and different light reflections at the nose tip; If you look closely at the tip of the nose with a comedon skin structure, or touched when a thick skin structure between the two fingers is felt, thick and oily skin features are available. In this case, nasal tip reduction and nasal tip narrowing are more difficult. Photographs prepared by the patients with animation can cause frustration when the surgery is performed.

• In patients who have undergone prior surgery or nasal trauma, a sufficient amount of cartilage for nose tip shaping may not be present in the nose. In this case, it may be necessary to use cartilage from the auricle, which can be removed from the rib. Nose tip aesthetics animation with a symmetrical, steeper and narrower nose tip than the preparation of the image as a different and more difficult process "revision nose tip aesthetic" operations are planned.

• Nasal tip surgery total healing can sometimes last up to 2 years after surgery. It is useful for patients who want to see a nose as quickly as possible and do not look at the animation photograph of patients with thick nasal skin.

• Nose tip aesthetics operations, cartilage grafts are placement on nose tip or nose tip cartilages are reshaped. After this operation, which consists of a group of various procedures, sometimes lasting up to 1 and a half hours, it is tried to eliminate asymmetries at the tip of the nose; It can be seen that some asymmetries continue to decrease after complete recovery. The image in the animation does not change when the procedure is not changed, but the nose-tip aesthetic surgery is an injury for our body and the healing, tissue change and edema are inevitable.

• Nose tip aesthetics animation studies do not fully reflect the reality, as the nasal aesthetics animations do not fully reflect the truth.

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