Factors Affecting Recovery Rate After Nose Tip Plasty Operation

Healing After Nose Tip Plasty Operation 

Nose tip aesthetics is a limited aesthetic intervention performed to reshape the nose tip, such as narrowing, lifting, and shrinking. It can sometimes be performed together with septum deviation surgery and turbinate recution procedure.

If there is no problem such as a arch, a curvature or a bump on the nose of the nose and a minor intervention to the nose tip, the aesthetic appearance will be corrected.

It shows a much easier and faster healing process in the nose tip plasty surgery than in a complete rhinoplasty surgery. Due to the fact that the bones do not break, there is less bleeding, much less swelling and bruise (even bruising does not occur at all). No plaster or plastic mold on the nose (I prefer to use limited aesthetic taping on nose tip). Back to work is much faster. Especially people who want to go back to business life in a short period of time, while at the same time problems in other parts of the nose or can be ignored easily Tipplasty surgery may be.

Revision Nose Tip Plasty Operation Before and After Video

Recovery after the nasal surgery begins to occur exactly after the 6th month. For the determination of the net results, a period of 6-12 months is expected to pass. This period has a recovery period of up to two years after the nose-tip plasty surgeries of the nose-tip skins or revision nose-type plasty surgeries.

Factors That Effect Healing Time After Tip Plasty Surgery

Healing after nose tip plasty operation - Factor that effect the recovery time after nose tip aesthetic surgeries

Nose tip edema and factors that may affect recovery time after nose tip plasty operation can be listed as follows:

- The structure of the nasal skin (in patients with thick nasal skin, post-operative edema is more prominent, it may take a lot more time before the beautiful lines appear in the tip of the nose, and even in patients with very thick nasal skin, it is not easy to get rid of the round at the tip of the nose!). In patients with thick skin characteristics, it is possible to avoid salty foods for 2-4 months, to use local edema gels and creams containing retinoid and local cortisone injection if necessary.

- The amount of graft used in the nasal tip (as the process grows, the increase in tissue edema after the procedure is inevitable)

- Duration of operation (increased duration of the procedure, increased contact of the subcutaneous tissues with air, and decreased postoperative tissue edema as the effect of pain-relieving vasoconstrictive drugs decrease)

- Type and amount of suture materials used in surgery (some non-melting suture materials can increase the tissue edema after the procedure by causing the reaction)

- Selected technique (closed technical nose tip aesthetics, open technique nose esthetic operation) according to the procedure after the procedure is claimed to have less edema, but most of my patients using the subcutaneous tissue at the tip of the nose by using the subcutaneous tissue open technique to make the tip of the nose I prefer to do aesthetic. The surgeon's anatomical details are at the top level, surely the surgeon's habits are also effective).

- Post-operative care of the patient (using edema-reducing urine, adhering to the physician's leaders, and adequate care for the nose three) can shorten the healing period.

- Apart from these, personal genetic factors that may affect general body wound healing, and whether or not there are systemic chronic diseases and nutritional characteristics may also affect the rate of recovery.

- Special protective tapes on the nose are removed 5 or 7 days after the nasal tip surgery. If a silicone splint is inserted into the nose, the earliest is taken 5-7 days after surgery. In addition, depending on the type of intervention applied to the nose tip, your surgeon will tell you in detail what needs to be done before or after the surgery. During this time you must protect your nose against the sun. You should not wear clothes that are at risk of rubbing your nose. You should not enter places such as sea, pool or sauna for 1 month after surgery. You should stay away from mass sports and activities that require force to hit your nose. Visible changes in the nasal tip begin to appear within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Even though the shape of the nose tip continues until the 6th month, after about three weeks of operation, you will realize that the new shape of your nose is emerging and you will start to enjoy your aesthetic nose tip.

Nose tip aesthetic surgery is desirable to adopt two or more pillow supported bed positions in the first days after surgery. The nasal tip region is numb after surgery. The feeling of loss here is temporary, and after an average of 8 weeks the feeling begins to come back.

- For sports and physical activities, it is necessary to wait for 4-6 weeks as in aesthetic nose surgery. It is important to prefer light-paced sports such as walking at the second week following the nose nose surgery. Sports branches with the ball, such as the sports of the nose of the sports to be taken in the nose region should be avoided before 6 weeks.

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