Is Painless and Bloodless Tonsillectomy Operation Possible?

Is Painless and Bloodless Tonsil Surgery Possible?

Tonsillectomy (tonsillectomy) is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world. The frequency of tonsil surgery has increased especially in the last 30 years. The reason for this is that the relationship between tonsil size and sleep apnea syndrome and cardiovascular diseases is clearly understood.

Why Do Patients Feel Pain After Tonsillectomy Surgery?

Tonsils are located in the entrance of the throat, adjacent to the swallowing muscles, where the sensory nerves are very common. During the course of Tonsil operations, more or less mucosal damage and damage to the swallowing muscles; pain after surgery is natural. After weeks of old tonsil surgery, solid food is not refreshed; it was normal for the patient not to swallow the saliva.
Current tonsillectomy techniques are designed to minimize bleeding and pain. Among them, the method known as "Thermal Welding Method" is the most advantageous.

Advantages of Tonsil Surgery with Thermal Welding System

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When the tonsils are removed, more or less tonsils are damaged in muscle and mucosal tissues. In particular, the operation of classical bipolar surgery can be performed with temperatures ranging from 300 to 400 degrees. The method known as "Thermal Welding Method" among the Tonsil's surgery techniques has been minimized by heat damage and blood loss during surgery. When this method is applied correctly, postoperative pain will be minimized. Apart from the tonsillus pit, there is also a muscle group involved in swallowing function. Injuries that may occur in these tissues and other mucosal areas other than heat damage may also increase the amount of pain. Therefore, minimizing injury to muscles and mucosal areas, regardless of which method is used; the patient can provide much less pain after surgery.

Correct Use of Thermal Welding Device!

Thermal Welding has two separate modes. At the end of the probe, the first mode is to stop the bleeding by closing the small veins with the heat energy and to provide the second mode cut operation. Although the first mode is used in large amounts, it is the system that prevents heat transfer at the probe tip; increases the likelihood of heat damage on the surgical site. For this reason, I prefer to stop small bleeding areas that occur during surgery without using the first mode with the mucosa suture.

Painless and Bloodless Tonsillectomy Operation Videos

Above are videos of tonsil surgery performed with thermal welding device.

Although pain occurs after tonsil surgery; washing the surgical field with continuous cold sterile serum, inserting a dexamethasone-containing cocktail during surgery, local anesthetic injection to the surgical site, and regular removal of the automatic metal mouth retractor are useful for reducing pain. It is important for the patient to drink plenty of water after the operation. A vicious cycle process may occur, especially in patients who do not consume mouth water because of an increasing pain and a growing sore throat.

Is Painless and Bloodless Tonsil Surgery Possible?

It is normal to have more or less pain in all tonsil surgery techniques. In other words, the expression acak painless facial surgery. Will be somewhat exaggerated. However, the correct use of the thermal welding method, cold serum washing of the tongue and throat area during the surgery, local anesthetic injection to the surgical field with the smallest needles, the front and posterior plies are not sutured to the open mucasal minus area and the dexamethasone hormone is given during the operation. it may cause postoperative period. Furthermore, starting with the 4th hour after the effect of the local anesthetic drug, the introduction of cold freezing and soft warm diet may prevent the occurrence of pain. In this way I had no patients who could not use painkillers and who went to the hospital on the day of the operation.


Frequent intermittent water intake by patients after surgery is important in the acceleration of recovery!

After the ambulance, drinking soft water with a high protein content and frequent drinking of water is important for accelerating healing. The first 10 days after the tonsil surgery is the most risky period for bleeding. Frequent drinking of water will also keep the surgical site moist. For example, drinking half a glass of water every half an hour (getting up at night with hours and drinking water can accelerate healing in the same way). Bleeding is more common on the 10th day, especially on the 10th day due to changes in the collagen structure. Therefore, the first 10 days of nutrition and care is very important. It is inconvenient to eat acidic, salty and overly spicy foods with hard, hot, sharp edges after the course of tonsil treatment. Such foods may cause damage to the mucosa and deterioration of healing; warm foods may cause dilation of the vessels and the onset of bleeding. Gum chewing can provide an antiseptic secretion, saliva and throat paths, which can accelerate healing.

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