The Whistle of Nose Video - Nasal Septum Perforation - Before and After Treatment

"Whistling Sound In The Nose" Due To Small Nasal Septum Perforation

Nasal septum perforation is a hole in the nasal septum that separates the nasal cavity. It usually occurs due to previous nasal surgery. When the perforation is small and placed in the anterior part of the septum, the air flow through it (because it will cause linear jet air currents) may cause scalding in the nose, whistling sound, bleeding and a feeling of dryness in the nose.

In the above video, a small nasal septum perforation with a diameter of 5-7 mm in the anterior part of the septum that occurred after previous nasal surgeries, a whistling sound when breathing through the nose and a crusting at the edges of the nasal septum perforation before the nasal examination, septum during the operation the cartilage and the cartilage membrane were closed by sliding and the septum perforation was completely closed at the 1-month follow-up and there were long time dissolvable stitches in the perforation area. When the perforation diameter is increased or placed in the back, the nose does not show a whistling sound. As the perforation diameter increases, the chance of complete success is reduced.

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