Home Remedies For Flu Infection

Precautions and home remedies for influenza virus infection

Precautions and home remedies for influenza virus infection
Home Remedies For Flu Infection
We have a season in which flu infection is common ... Especially those who work in crowded places, health workers, those who have cancer treatment, those with serious systemic diseases, those with lung diseases, elderly people and pregnant women should pay more attention to avoid such infections.

You may be able to consider the following suggestions in order to be less likely to be infected with influenza:

- Washing of the nasal cavities with saline water after hand - face washing after work, provides cleaning of microorganisms, allergens and environmental plus particles taken by breath through the nose.

- Regular life. Regular sleep hours will ensure that body resistance remains strong

- Sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables to be consumed

- Increasing daily fluid consumption

- It is appropriate to have influenza vaccination for people with frequent influenza. It is not easy to assess the efficacy of the influenza vaccine. Two individuals with influenza vaccination say "I've never had it again," two reasons why they have an infection with flu-like viruses, and another rare cause is a virus-induced infection that the influenza vaccine is not able to stimulate.

- If a patient comes to our house with a flu, it is possible to open the windows of the room to ventilate and to eliminate the germs of the sunlight.

If the flu is caught, it is possible to treat at home with the following measures:

- Application of hot steam with face-to-face vapor in the fog style with menthol and eucalyptus

- 6 cups per day linden, rosehip, sage, echinacea, ginger, honey-lemon, chamomile or cinnamon tea drinkable

- a rich salad of onion and garlic edible

- Green lemon or mandarin edible in shellfish

- Red lentil soup (carrots, parsley, onions and potatoes can be added and lemon can be squeezed after cooking)

- Can be used as a natural cough medication honey. 3 teaspoons of honey per day can be added to edible or warm water

- Using disposable wipes may help to viral transmission to your eyes, sinuses

Antibiotics are not necessary firsly in flu infection!

In the seasonal seasons the influenza virus can infect, often "how can I protect?" or "How can I get well soon?" asking.

Protection against influenza is not always possible but the most effective method of prevention is influenza vaccine.

Home Remedies For Flu Infection
Consuming pomegranates and citrus fruits can be a little support for protection. Daily consumption of liquid, it is to consume herbal tea. Living regularly to keep body resistance high and regular sleep is also important.

Antibiotics are anti-bacterial drugs. Antibiotics are used only to kill or stop the growth of bacteria. Unless complicated (lung infection caused by additional bacteria, sinusitis), antibiotics do not exist unless additional bacterial infection is added to the treatment of influenza infections.
In simple terms, the use of antibiotics should be avoided unless the fever exceeds 38 degrees and exceeds 2 days in upper respiratory tract infections.

Influenza is an infection caused by virus infection, manifested by signs of runny nose, fever, sneezing, weakness and body malaise. Rhinitis, fever and general malaise are the same as the viral infection to occur in less severe symptoms like. In periods of seasonal changes, the incidence of both infectious diseases increases.

In these infections, the use of antibiotics, which are antibacterial drugs, is not correct. After influenza and colds, body resistance may fall or bacterial infections can be added to these viral infections. In this case, the body temperature gradually increases and the need for antibiotics may arise.

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