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"Amalgam", which has been used in dental treatments for many years, should not be used anymore and there is a campaign called "Mercury Free Dentistry Campaign" which emphasizes the damage of mercury for patients and dental treatment. The harms of the highlighted amalgam on the website are rather scary (I have published it on Turkish websites in advance).

I would like to summarize the harmful effects of amalgam when used in dental clinics:

- During amalgam administration or removal, amalgam powders mixed in inhaled air or water become more toxic "methylciva (methylmercury)". The presence of this mercury form in the external environment can cause neurological damage and brain damage, especially in children and unborn babies.
- Amalgam produces mercury vapor even after implantation into the body. This mercury can pass through the placenta and accumulate in the fetus in the womb. In addition, it can cause serious problems in people with impaired renal function. The FDA stresses that the use of amalgam may be risky due to the potential harmful effects of children and babies on developing neurological systems.

- For the placement of amalgam, a significant amount of healthy tooth tissue should be eliminated. This may create problems for future dental treatment; general tooth structure may weaken.

- In the dentists and dental clinics, blood mercury levels due to exposure to mercury dust were found to be high. In particular, female employees of childbearing age are recommended protective clothing or air masks to minimize mercury exposure. In the surveys, many dentists and workers working in dental clinics are not aware of mercury exposure and health risks associated with them.

- Most of the patients who are placed in amalgam fillers are unaware of the details and the consent. In a survey, 76% of the patients stated that they knew that amalgam contained mercury.

- Amalgam filler is used more frequently in low-income individuals since it is cheaper than other mercury-free filling materials.

Amalgam can be replaced with countless other fillers (resin composite, compomers and glass ionomer ...).

When dental filling procedure, you need to pay attention ...

To date, there is no cancer associated with mercury. Mercury Chloride has been shown to cause an increase in various tumors (especially kidney tumors) in rats and mice. It is emphasized that environmental exposure of inorganic mercury and methyl mercury is likely to cause cancer in humans. In other words, methylciva can be caused by contact with water or air of dental amalgam powders. Website details:

There is a cmaping on the for using of mercury dental fillings in children >> Ban mercury dental fillings in children like the European Union did!

European Union adopted a regulation banning amalgam use for children under age 15, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers at the 1 July 2018. You can read detials at >> Today the EU ban on amalgam use in children begins!

Mercury-free dentistry campaign is very important especially in children, pregnant women. Because of the side effects on neurological development, not only patients; There is also a risk for dentists using amalgam filling. I haven't followed this campaign for a few years, but the result is gratifying. In some countries amalgam use is prohibited.

Source link >> Studies Evaluate Health Effects of Dental Amalgam Fillings in Children / Do Fillings Cause Mercury Poisoning? / Side effects of mercury in dental amalgam

How much mercury vapor is taken when tooth brushing, eating food, gnashing teeth, chewing gum ...?

Below is a very interesting and beautiful video where mercury vapor emitted from malgam fills is measured. As the friction increases and hot contact increases the amount of mercury release is increasing ...

How much mercury is released from common amalgam fillings?

Video source >> Nick Yiannios DDS PLLC

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