Can You Swim In The Pool With Perforated Eardrum?

How Can You Swim With Eardrum Hole?

The eardrum acts as a barrier between the external environment and the middle ear except for the hearing functions. In other words, in a person with intact tympanic membrane, bath water, sweat, pool water, rain water ... are prevented by the emergence of middle ear infection when it entered into the ear, the soundness of the eardrum and the function of the barrier.

Patients with a tympanic aperture can enter the sea and the pool with a very tight cap and a tight swimmer stopper, just too superficial or without putting their heads in the water. As the depths of the pool reach the depths of water, the possibility of water escaping to the middle ear increases. As middle ear inflammation recurs, risks such as facial paralysis, brain and neck abscess, and brain membrane inflammation also increase. Therefore, patients who have a hole in the eardrum should consult an otolaryngologist for treatment and return to water sports after their treatment is completed. Practical methods are also available for small holes in the eardrum.

Can You Swim In The Pool With Perforated Eardrum?

What can you do if water gets into your ear?

If you have an eardrum hole and you feel that water has entered to your ear during swimming in the pool, sea or in the bathroom, it is better to take the following precautions:

- turn your head sideways on the towel or paper towel and try to remove the water from the outer ear and middle ear when possible

- turn on the hair dryer at low setting and dry your ear using the water for 1-2 min.

- if there are signs of dizziness, ear pain and hearing loss, contact with an ent doctor if these symptoms gradually increase.

- If you have one ear with you, you can use antibiotic drops after the consultation with your doctor.

- If your ear starts to show signs of infection (ilithabic discharge, hearing loss, ear pain ...) in the other day, contact your ear, nose and throat doctor.

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