Benign Cartilage Tumor of The Mouth - Chondroma

Chondroma in the mouth (in the cheek area)

Chondroma in the mouth - Definition, diagnosis and treatment


Chondromas are benign tumors originating from mesodermal cells in cartilage. Treatment consists of surgical removal of the lesion. The macroscopic appearance of the tumor removed from the mouth is seen on the above. Chondromas are usually benign cartilage tumors located within the tubular bones of the extremities in our body. They rarely occur in the mouth. Soft tissue chondromas (STCs) are rare and only a few cases have been reported in the oral cavity. In the above picture, a patient with a 2 cm diameter chondroma of painless, hard, smooth surface in the mouth of the right cheek is presented. Tumor resection was performed through the mouth under local anesthesia.

Oral soft tissue chondromas

Oral soft tissue chondromas are mostly seen in the third and fourth decade. From a clinical point of view, these neoplasms generally spread to the tissues around the well-defined nodules, which are asymptomatic, slowly growing. STCs consist mainly of adult-type hyaline cartilage, lacking bony, fibrous, and / or mycoid stroma. Although reliable theories have not been proposed to clarify the etiology and pathogenesis of oral STCs, an abnormal embryonic cartilage origin or metaplastic changes due to chronic inflammation or trauma can be assumed. The radiological appearance of oral STCs is not specific. These neoplasms can often appear as a well-dissociated, lobed mass with peripheral or central calcifications inclined in nature. However, in this case none of the previous radiological features were observed. Although there is no radiological evaluation or blood test that can be used as a specific diagnostic tool; Oral STCs may be difficult to diagnose and usually require histopathological confirmation. Several soft tissue tumors (eg, ectomesenchymal chondromyxoid tumor; extra-skeletal myxoid and mesenchymal chondrosarcoma) or a secondary metaplastic process (eg, malignant nerve sheath tumors, oral malignant melanoma) may show cartilage differentiation. (source link >> Soft Tissue Chondroma of the Oral Cavity: An Extremely Rare Tumour Localized on the Hard Palate).

Especially in people with with missing teeth in the mouth, chronic mucosal trauma after round shape called fibroma, benign connective tissue tumors can occur.At first glance, when I first looked at the lesion, I likened fibroma; however, when you touch the lesion, you can understand that there is a hard tissue in the cartilage density. It should be borne in mind that in the mouth, a chondroma in the mouth may be present in a patient whose pain gradually increases in size. Occasionally, intraoral chondromas can be confused with traumatic fibroma, papilloma or other benign mass lesions.

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