Be Careful With Ear Vacuum Cleaners!

Eardrum Damage Due To "Ear Wax Remover - Vacuum Cleaner"

On the Internet, you can see a variety of products available for sale, such as "ear vacuuming device" or "ear vacuuming device".

Practical, useful, simple, effective, inexpensive ... a lot of slogans can be written, but the operation logic of these devices is dangerous and can damage the eardrum.

There is an eardrum between the outer ear canal and the middle ear cavity. The eardrum can be stretched up to a certain point and able to withstand trauma.

When negative pressure is applied by vacuuming the outer ear canal, which is a closed space, the eardrum is also pulled out. It's not just wax; Since the eardrum is also vacuumed, the eardrum can be damaged when the device is worked.

In the above photo, a damaged eardrum of a patient undergoing vacuuming of the external ear canal is seen.

In the case of earwax, it is best to perform ear cleaning by a kbb specialist and to examine the eardrum.

Permanent puncture may occur in the membrane after the tympanic membrane injury and the tympanic membrane surgery may be required.

Link to earwax and how to clean it >> Cerumen (Earwax) - Definition, Structure, Benefits, Natural Cleaning

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