Itchy Ears - Causes, Treatment and Remedies

Ear Itching

Itching of the ears is a condition that can occur in a lot of people at different times. With regard to the first ear itching to talk about ear wax and ear cleaning will be more accurate.

Earwax and tasks

Earwax - Cerumen
Natural ear secretion (cerumen, earwax) rich in oily, antimicrobial substances that protects the ear canal in the external ear canal. In fact, the words "earwax", which is said to be common among the people, can cause this epidemic to be perceived as a material that accumulates in vain and vain. The benefits or tasks of earwax can be summarized as follows:

- Forming a water and micro-permeable barrier on the skin of the outer ear canal
- Contribute to the cleaning of the external ear canal
- To provide an acidic environment that prevents the growth of fungi (prevents the fungus)
- To kill bacteria and viruses in the outer ear contact

Problems that may occur in case of incorrect ear cleaning

incorrect cleaning of ear
Trying to remove these secretions from the external auditory canal by using a cotton swab, napkin or a different object in a traumatic manner can cause the following problems:

- Recurrent fungal infections in the external auditory canal
- Repeated pool infections in the external auditory canal
- External auditory eczema
- A permanent structural change in the skin of the external auditory canal
- Contraction of the external auditory canal

Causes of itchy ear

Causes of itchy ear

Ear itching may occur due to the following reasons:

- Fungal infections of the external ear canal
- External ear-tract infections
- Allergic people in the food spicy food, tomato, kiwi, chocolate, such as if they consume food such as ear itching

To learn the correct cleaning of ears, the prone to be taken as the basis of itchy ears!

The American Ear Nose Throat Academy recommends ear cleaning in patients with a healthy ear structure without a hole or infection in the eardrum:

- When showering in the ears, warm water should be kept at the end and the remaining water in the ear canal should be flushed with a napkin or towel. Then, the hair dryer should be dried in the ear canal by holding it in the ear for 2-3 minutes at low setting.

Measures that can be made at home for itching ears

People with itchy ear, eardrum or lemon juice in question or the circus as a drop or two of water can be dripped into the outer ear canal. Acidic solutions may cause mild pain, especially in patients who are very confusing to the ears and irritate the skin of the external auditory canal.

Treatment of itchy ear

Treatment of itchy ear

Teaching the right ear cleaning ear itching in people with and then given treatment depending on the state of the external ear canal. Primarily, acidic and alcohol based solutions that mimic earwax can be recommended for regular use. In the presence of eczema in the external auditory canal, short-term and effective limit cortisone solution or ointments can be given.

Do not use long-term cortisone medication on the outer ear!

Particularly in some patients, cortisone drugs can be used for months or even years by applying to the external ear canal. Such drugs have the following side effects:

- Degradation of the normal bacterial protective layer in the skin of the outer ear canal and predisposition to fungal infections
- Cataract and glaucoma
- Acceleration of signs of aging in the skin
It is more accurate to recommend cortisone medications, usually at most 1 or 2 weeks in regular use.

What are ear cleaning sticks used for?

cotton ear swab (Q tip)
When the cotton ear swab (Q tip) boxes are read, it is written that they should not be inserted into the outer ear canal with very small writing and misuse. Many patients think that these rods are produced for insertion into the external auditory canal. Normally these rods should be used to clean areas of the pinhole in the auricle and to clean areas that cannot be cleaned with a towel and not to be inserted into the external ear canal.

A good word about the subject, "Never stick anything smaller than elbow in ear" actually sums up everything.

Cotton swabs cause removal of all protective secretions in the external auditory canal and irritation of the skin of the external auditory canal.

Avoid using ear cleaning waxes!

Ear cleaning waxes

Ear cleaning waxes may cause damage to the eardrum, which may be inconvenient for ear cleaning purposes. The possibility of healing of the hole in the membrane is much lower when the eardrum is burnt or punctured. This is because there are no live cells at the edges of the holes.

Vacuum ear cleaning devices

Vacuum ear cleaning devices

Vacuum ear cleaning devices have become widely shared on the Internet. I wanted to examine one of these devices home. First of all, I noticed that there was a very different and very simple device that appeared on the box or shown in the ads. Specifically produced and sold in China, these devices are available in different sizes of ears to the ear canal. A system that can cause puncture of the eardrum in case of full fit in the ear canal. In addition, the risk of membrane damage may be higher in patients who have already had holes in the eardrum and who have recovered or have experienced pressure trauma.

As a result, it is best to consult your ENT doctor for proper ear cleaning.

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