Unrealistic Advertising: Laser Rhinoplasty!

Nose Job With Laser!

It seems that laser nose rhinoplasty has been done on different websites and that the laser is now a tool that facilitates nasal aesthetics operations.

Can laser applications be performed in nose operations?

The answer can be given as yes and can be used in the following areas:

- In septal cartilage deviation operations, laser melting or evaporation can be used without removing the curved cartilage areas.
- Can be used for open nose nasal surgery
- Can be used to remove or evaporate vascular masses in the nose
- It can be used for tightening the nose skin or nevus removal.
- It can be used for peeling or thinning the nasal skin.

Apart from these, it is not correct to pay attention to applications that do not have a scientific logic such as laser removal of the nasal bone, laser nasal rasping surgery, laser turbinate surgery.

People's laser applications "simple, practical, painless, bloodless, the latest technology!" shape perceptions, lead to the emergence of advertising campaigns away from scientific issues related olebiliy. All of the nasal tissues (bone, skin, subcutaneous tissue, cartilage ...) can not be shaped with laser. Laser can not be used in all surgeries .

Apart from these, for the reduction of turbinate, the first scientific work on laser usage was published in 2001 >> Endoscopic carbon dioxide laser turbinoplasty

The first study on laser-assisted septoplasty was published in 1997 >> Laser photocoagulation of the inferior turbinates

There is no scientific study exist about laser reshaiping of nose bone thus rhinoplasty operation.

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