Lower Lip Mucocele

Retention Mucocele on The Lower Lip

Case 1:

Lower Lip Mucocele

Case 2:

Lower Lip Mucocele

Mucocele with mucus deposition from salivary gland is a common lesion of the oral cavity. For the development of these lesions, mucus extravasation and secondly mucus retention can be considered. The primary cause of mucocele formation is mucus extravasation from accessory salivary glands which are considered to be of traumatic origin in relation to lip bite. There is an inflammatory reaction following traumatic cyst formation and reactive granulation tissue is formed. The mucus retention cyst cannot be discharged, resulting in epithelial proliferation of the partially obstructed salivary canal, resulting in a drastic dilatation and swelling. In the clinical display, the mucocele appears as an asymptomatic nodule with a pink or bluish color; Size may vary. Nodule usually occurs within a few days after minor trauma. Once produced, it can vary for months, unless processed. If the contents of the cyst are emptied, it is usually made of thick, soft materials. Some lesions occasionally regress and expands, draining after trauma.

Lower Lip Mucocele,Retention Mucocele on The Lower Lip,

Lower Lip Mucocele,Retention Mucocele on The Lower Lip,

Treatment of Lower Lip Mucocele

Generally, the removal of these lesions due to the occlusion of the glands in the lower lip is sufficient for the treatment. In patients presented in two separate photographs, there is an appearance before and after surgical removal of cystic lesions (mucocele) on the lower lip under local anesthesia.

Lower Lip Mucocele

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Source Web Sites: Retention mucocele on the lower lip associated with inadequate use of pacifierMucocele in Lower Lip as a Result of Improper Use of Feeding Bottle

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