Nose Aesthetic Surgery Does it Change Attractiveness, Success, Health Perception?

The effect of rhinoplasty operation on social perception

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures in the world, but few studies have shown that rhinoplasty has an impact on social perception.

In an article published in "JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery", participants in a web-based survey that displayed pictures of patients before and after rhinoplasty evaluated postoperative patients as more attractive, successful and generally healthier.

The results of the survey showed that patients with rhinoplasty had higher mean charm scores, higher mean perceived success scores, and higher average perceived overall health scores after rhinoplasty. These findings suggest that patients experience an improvement in social interaction due to the positive effect of rhinoplasty surgery on observer perceptions.

The limitations of the study are that the results do not reflect the spectrum of rhinoplasty surgical results because the images used show only the results of optimal rhinoplasty. The study also does not reflect the change between patients' own perceptions. As perceived by ordinary observers, rhinoplasty surgery has been associated with perceptions that patients appear to be significantly more attractive, more successful, and healthier. These results suggest that patients who undergo rhinoplasty can provide a multifaceted benefit when entering social interactions. It is essential to determine patient motivations and expectations about rhinoplasty in patient-physician surgical decision-making process. However, patient counseling is based on an understanding of the realistic effect of rhinoplasty to facilitate evidence-based discussions. In studies using approved patient-reported instruments, patients reported increased satisfaction with facial appearance, satisfaction with the nose, psychological health, and quality of life after rhinoplasty. While many studies examined the results reported by the patient after rhinoplasty, very few studies examined the effect of rhinoplasty on social perceptions. Given the importance of facial appearance on social interactions, more evidence is needed to understand and measure the impact of rhinoplasty on social perception. A better understanding of the potential impact of rhinoplasty will greatly help doctors navigate patient discussions and determine appropriate surgical expectations.

The effect of nose aesthetic surgery on social perception - The effect of rhinoplasty on attractiveness, success and health perception - Aesthetic nose surgery and its effects on social perception - Rhinoplasty in men Istanbul, Turkey

Although surgery does not directly improve the patient's success or health; The strong impact on observers' subconscious perceptions can lead to more positive interactions when patients enter society. Of course, the opposite is true! If a complication occurs after a nose surgery, the psychological state of the patient and the perception of his / her surroundings can be affected in a completely different way. While determining the surgical expectations and the effect on social perceptions, the variability in the surgical results should be taken into consideration.

The outcome of any surgical procedure cannot be determined in advance. In some of the nose aesthetic surgeries (such as complicated nasal aesthetics, revision nose aesthetics, curved nasal aesthetics ...) it is difficult and there is a possibility of an asymmetrical appearance after the surgery.

Source article and link >> Association of Rhinoplasty With Perceived Attractiveness, Success, and Overall Health

JAMA Facial Plast Surg. 2018;20(2):97-102. doi:10.1001/jamafacial.2017.1453

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