What Is The Minimum Age For Tonsillectomy Operation?

Minimum age for tonsil removal surgery

Tonsillectomy Operation in Istanbul

Tonsil surgery according to the old sources, under 3 years and 15 kg weight was reported to be inconvenient. In addition to developing anesthesia techniques, as a result of the understanding of the risks of severe sleep apnea syndrome in children with severe tonsil and nasal enlargement, tonsil and nasal surgery was started in children under 3 years of age.

Tonsillectomy Operation in Istanbul
On the subject of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (www.entnet.org), the latest guidelines for the treatment of tonsillectomy for families and physicians (Clinical Practice GuidelineTonsillectomy) In Children - http://www.entnet.org/HealthInformation/upload/CPG-TonsillectomyInChildren.pdf), tonsillectomy can be performed from the age of 1.

In current treatment protocols, it is best to expect patients under 3 years of age who do not have severe respiratory arrest due to tonsils or who do not have frequent tonsils. There is no definite upper age limit for tonsil surgery.

In children with large tonsils, many positive effects of tonsil surgery on heart health have been reported, except for the treatment of sleep apnea.

In the defense of our body, tonsil and adenoid problems forming guard or sentry tissues against harmful organisms or molecules that may enter through the nose and mouth are among the most common problems especially in children between the ages of 3-6. Tonsil or adenoid tissue can be growth without inflammation, as well as frequent recurrent fever with tonsil infections can be observed. It is also important to follow these problems, which can lead to many problems that can lead to feverish infections that prevent the child from going to school, sleep problems due to obstructive features or hearing loss due to accumulation of fluid in the ear.

Exposure of children to viruses and bacterial stimuli, especially with preschool education, is an important factor in the growth of tonsils and nasal flesh, both causing infection and non-infection. It is observed that recurrent infections decrease after the age of 6 with the development of immunity and disappear at the age of 12-13 when puberty begins.

Recovery after tonsilectomy is faster in children than in adults!

Tonsillectomy Operation in Istanbul

As the age of the patient who has undergone tonsil surgery, the recovery rate generally increases after surgery. Postoperative pain is reported to be higher in children, especially in adult patients. In addition, the most important factor in postoperative recovery is that the patient frequently consumes water and watery foods.

Tonsil surgery has many proven benefits in children with frequent recurrent throat infections and medications and in children with sleep apnea. You can find information about the tasks of the tonsils, the benefits of the tonsil surgery and the negative health effects.

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