Myofunctional Exercises to Be Done After Tongue Tie Release Operation

Tongue Exercises For Post Frenectomy / Frenuloplasty

Myofunctional Exercises to Be Done After Post Frenectomy / Frenuloplasty

After the tongue tie release operation, a certain period of time has to pass before the tongue movements return to normal. It may be appropriate to perform the following tongue exercises after the ligament surgery, especially in older children who have been kept waiting and whose tongue movements are restricted for a long time. There is no need for post-frenectomy tongue exercise since the anatomical development of the tongue is not affected after tongue tie surgery in newborns. After tongue tie release in babies of several months, there is usually no problem with tongue functions.

Recommended tongue exercises after tongue tie release operation

- Moving the tongue towards the cheeks, pushing the cheeks outward from the inside with the tongue

- Touching the tongue on the inside of the teeth

- Removing the tongue from the front of the teeth

- Licking the lip contour with the tongue tip

- With the mouth open, the tip of the tongue can be moved around the upper lip and more specifically you can find it in the following video (I am thanking to Dr Audrey Yoon for sharing to this video):

These exercises are aimed at increasing the sweeping and cleaning movements normally performed by the tongue in the mouth and facilitating the raising of the tongue during the speech.

After the tongue tie relase surgery and lip tie release surgery diamond shaped wound area and its healing properties. Massage in babies and exercises in adult patients are preventing to reattachment of this tissues thus help to closing of wound at verical plane. On the below of image, its showed that, if the massage or exercises not done enough, the wound is closed at horizontal plane (reattachment)

After tongue tie and lip tie release, tongue tie exercise in adults, tongue tie massage and lip tie massage in infants should be performed in order to prevent the partial healing of Tongue tie and lip tie incision area in the horizontal plane. If wound healing is completed in the horizontal plan (reattachment), it means that tongue tie and lip tie are partially functional again.

In addition, it is appropriate for children who grow up with short tongue tie during speech development to be followed up by a specialist in speech and speech disorders.

You can find more details about tongue tie at >> Tongue Tie (Ankyloglossia) - Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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