Nose Tip Cleaning After Open Technique Rhinoplasty

How To Properly Clean Nose Tip After Open Technique Rhinoplasty Operation

Nose Tip Cleaning After Open Technique Rhinoplasty

I would like to offer you some suggestions for cleaning the nostrils after the nose aesthetic surgery. In the photo above and in the video below, I have a few information about the patient's nasal tip. About 2 weeks ago, we performed open technique nasal esthetics surgery in the photo and video showing the left nostril, there are a few information I want to tell you with arrows. The red arrow marks the areas where purple suture material of the vicryl suture material is seen. shows.

Normally, after open rhinoplasty surgery, after regular application of ointment into and into the nasal tip, the incision site can heal well after 2 weeks. However, if this area is kept dry, it can be mixed regularly with fingertips, nails, paper towels, napkins, cotton swabs, and redness swelling and superficial infection may occur.

How can you clean and keep healthy the nose tip after open technique rhinoplasty operation?

Caring on nose tip for yourself after nose job surgery

As seen in these photographs, the left side of the nasal septum close to the colonella, the stitches are seen as very red, and the marginal rim incision in front of the new superficial tissue due to the crust is seen. In general, after open technique rhinoplasty surgery, I recommend nose cleaning to my patients as follows:

As far as possible, clean the nose with sterile ocean water spray. If a shell appears on the tip of the nose, you can try to clean the shells with the pressure of the spray without squeezing the ocean water sprays a little further away, ie without inserting it. After the tip of the nose is cleaned, you can apply it by rubbing the ointment on the little finger or cotton swab. Especially during the first 3 weeks, almost all of the sutures on the tip of the nose disappear. Please do not irritate the nose during this period, do not leave dry and do not cause germ contact with your hand or other foreign body. You can find detailed information about these procedures in the link to the rhinoplasty guide, which contains 50 separate topics and explanatory topics  (you can click to see >> Rhinoplasty Recovery Guides ­čĹâ - 50 Individual Topics About Nose Job).. Even if you pay attention to the photograph, the incision scar in the colonella is almost completely healed, but redness is seen in different areas due to the irritation of the inside of the left nostril. Generally, I recommend applying antibiotic eye ointment into the nose, antibiotic skin ointment at the tip of the nose.

Please be careful for incision cleaning after the open rinoplasty

After open technical rhinoplasty operations, there are usually incision areas in the colonella and just below the nasal wings. I use soluble suture materials in almost all my patients and recommend regular application of antibiotic-containing ointment to these areas after cleaning with ocean water spray.
Can you clean your nostrils after rhinoplasty?
However, some of my patients are asking how ocean water sprays are not enough to clean up existing clots and how they can clean them. The ear cleaning sticks, which are brought into contact with the incision area under the nasal wings and with oxygen water (hydrogen peroxide), can first be kept on the clot and then the clots can be cleaned with a slight shake. I'm often afraid to make this suggestion because I've seen many patients try to remove all the scabs and dried blood clots by inserting the cotton swab into the nose, a bit exaggerated, as shown in this photo. Please keep in mind that the mucosa in the nose is not as durable as the skin of our normal hands, and cannot withstand an object such as napkins, paper towels, nails, cotton swabs for a long time. If redness in the nose increases, please take your doctor's advice and contact your doctor if necessary. Different clinics and physicians may have different recommendations. Please follow the recommendations of the physician who operated on you.

Good luck during and after surgery.

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