Nasal Septum Deviation and Erectile Dysfunction

Deviated Nasal Septum and Sleep Apnea Syndrome May Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men!

Nasal Septum Deviation and Erectile Dysfunction

Nasal Air Passage

Nasal air passage; septum deviation, turbinate hypertrophy, acute and chronic sinusitis, coanal atresia, nasal polyps. The most common pathology is septum deviation. Nasal septum deviation has a significant impact on sleep patterns. Several studies have shown that nasal obstruction impairs sleep patterns and quality of life in both adults and children. Irreversible nasal septum deviation can cause chronic fatigue and daytime drowsiness. As a result, the airway resistance increases and the oxygenation of our body is roughly adversely affected.

Mechanism of Erectile Dysfunction and Hypoxia

The cause and mechanism of possible comorbidity of nasal septum deviation and erectile dysfunction should be evaluated in the light of the pathophysiological mechanism of erectile dysfunction reported in the literature. Penile erection is a complex result of a series of collective events involving vascular, neuronal, and psychosomatic stimulation. Nitric oxide released from endothelial cells is a vasodilator transmitter that provides vascular wall regulation. Nitric oxide (NO) is activated by parasympathetic stimulation after sexual stimulation. Activated nitric oxide induces increased levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP is responsible for smooth muscle relaxation and inhibition of platelet aggregation, and an increase in cGMP concentration increases penile blood pressure. Thus, impaired nitric oxide metabolism is an important cause of erectile dysfunction. Of course, in obese patients with sleep apnea syndrome, disruption of the nitric oxide mechanism increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Erectile performance loss has many medical and psychological reasons. Age is usually an important factor. However, chronological age is not the only cause of erectile dysfunction. In general, men over 40 years of age, blood vessels due to narrowing of the penis due to not enough blood can experience this situation. This can be caused by many reasons.

Paranasal sinuses are the main source of nitric oxide!

The main source of nitric oxide molecule in the body is the paranasal sinus epithelium. Nitric oxide is present in high concentrations in the upper respiratory tract. Nitric oxide levels decrease in pathologies in paranasal sinus epithelium and nasal cavity. The decrease in nitric oxide levels may pave the way for sexual dysfunctions. Elimination of obstructive lesions in the nasal cavity may increase NO level by increasing nasal cavity aeration, drainage and mucociliary clearance. In a scientific study, the frequency of erectile dysfunction was higher in the male patient group with nasal septum deviation than in the control group. It has been shown that the frequency of postoperative erectile dysfunction in patients who underwent septoplasty was significantly reduced (study link >>
The Impact of Nasal Septum Deviation on Sexual Activity of Male Patients

Chronic hypoxia has many negative effects on our body!

Don't be afraid to write "nasal septum deviation" as a general term. About 80% of people have deviation of the nasal septum. Hypoxia symptoms are not seen in all nasal septum deviated people. Especially those with severe nasal septum deviation in the nose and associated with turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps or other pathologies, fat and sigra drinking, short and thick neck structure are more risky in terms of hyposcience. Chronic hypoxia is associated with many pathological conditions: aging, heart and respiratory failure, sleep apneas, smoke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, hypertension and arteriosclerosis, all reducing sleep-related erections (SREs) and erectile dysfunction. Sleep-related erections occur naturally during fast eye movement (REM) sleep in sexually strong men (source: The role of hypoxia in erectile dysfunction mechanisms).

Obesity, smoking, hypertension, drugs used and nasal congestion increase the risk of erectile dysfunction!

Especially in patients using obese and hypertensive drugs, with concomitant nasal congestion (hypoxia deepens), the risk of erectile dysfunction is higher. The mechanics here are actually connected to each other, roughly a cycle I want to tell you, "obesity >> sleep apnea >> hypertension >> insulin resistance >> obesity". So the more fat you get, the easier it will be to gain weight, and hyposia and related health problems (such as erectile dysfunction) may occur more easily. Mediterranean-style diet, regular exercise, smoking and alcohol cessation, nasal congestion treatment (surgical and medical treatments), sleep disorders, directive treatments and, of course, general hyposcopy should be done for examinations and treatments.

Nasal septum deviation may cause aggravation of sleep apnea symptoms and thus increase sexual dysfunction!

In sleep apnea syndrome; problems such as waking up in the morning, dry mouth, headache, excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty in weight loss, depression, forgetfulness, lack of attention, easy annoyance, decrease in work efficiency and sexual reluctance and erectile dysfunction can be seen. In the long term; Increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, rhythm disturbances in the heart, stroke and sudden death. Importantly, 2 out of 3 men snoring sleep apnea were affected by the male hormone. Of course, in these people testosterone male hormone can be reduced to a certain extent because of sexual problems may be experienced. However, after the treatment of sleep apnea, patients are solved in this sense. Already, studies show that sexual dysfunction caused by sleep apnea can be greatly improved by treatment. While investigating the cause of sexual dysfunction patients, examinations and tests related to sleep apnea and snoring should be performed and treatment should be arranged. Sleep apnea can cause cinsel erectile dysfunction ’disorder, which is commonly known as ‘erectile dysfunction’among men. Women who complain of this problem have two times less orgasms than the normal population. Moreover, these women can develop sexual reluctance towards their husbands is increasing. Women with moderate or severe sleep apnea cannot concentrate fully on their husbands because they are almost always prone to sleep and suffer from depression.

The more severe the deviation of the nasal septum, the more open the sleep, the lower the oxygen levels in the blood, and the more severe sleep apnea syndrome may become.

Of course, sexual dysfunction should not be attributed to sleep apnea alone. However, this condition causes sexual dysfunction in women as well as men. Because severe sleep apnea, sleep in the most unlikely places, fatigue and psychological problems such as not enjoying life, as well as the blood flow to the genital area leads to a decrease. Due to all these factors, we can say that sleep apnea syndrome indirectly affects sexual life negatively.

A study in Germany found that 69% of men with sleep apnea experience erectile dysfunction. Breathing problems during sleep affect the oxygen level in the blood and cause an erection problem. Insomnia can also disrupt hormone production.

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