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Otovent® For Preventing The Barotrauma and Glue Ear

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Otovent® nasal balloon is a practical product developed for pressure equalization between the outer ear and middle ear. Glue ear treatment in children can be used to prevent barotrauma in adults during air travel and diving.

After a short time, the Otovent automatic inflation device is now available again by prescription. A product designed for use in non-surgical glue ear treatment, air travel and in situations where there is a risk of barotrauma, such as scuba diving, for people with insufficient eustachian tubes. Otovent has been clinically proven to alleviate glue ear symptoms in children. A new NICE surveillance study suggested that Otovent be “offered her to each child during the careful waiting period. The external pressure increases as the plane descends, and ear pains may increase if the plane descends rapidly.

Otovent is a clinically effective, non-surgical treatment designed for the treatment of otitis media with effusion that can be tried while awaiting ENT evaluation. In a recent NHS study using Otovent and non-Otovent treatment regimens at Southampton University, 47.3% and 35.6% had normal tympanograms in three months, respectively, and were estimated to save 802 pounds sterling for each 44.10 pounds spent on Otovent. Also available are Otovent Adult, Otovent Fly, Otovent Dive and Otovent Moniri.

"Otovent Fly" is an automatic inflating device, which is designed for use during air travel, equalizing the pressure in the middle ear. The swelling of the special pressure balloon through your nose opens the eustachian tubes and the pressure is equalized, thereby alleviating ear pains caused by barotrauma when flying.

Otovent Fly is a fast-acting, natural, non-surgical treatment that is also compact and easy to travel. The use of the device, supported by clinical evidence, helps you avoid mid ear barotrauma during flight and therefore ear pain.

The "Otovent Dive" automatic inflation device is designed to equalize the pressure in the middle ear to be used as an aid to balancing, which is a basic Scuba Diving technique. Especially when going deeper at sea, the external pressure increases and the eardrum is pushed towards the middle ear.

Moniri Otovent, developed for children older than 2 years.

Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Please do not use any medication or product without consulting your doctor.

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