Rhinoplasty Operation For Crooked Nose

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Operations

Rhinoplasty Operation For Crooked Nose

Crooked nose rhinoplasty is one of the most frequent rhinoplasty surgeries. The curvature of the nose also affects the aesthetic appearance of the face negatively. This region can be crooked in many different ways. Starting from the root of the nose, the entire nose area has a crooked appearance in the form of blocks, or a crooked nose in the middle of the nose is the most common types of nose crooked. However, it can be a crooked, starting from the middle of the nose and extending to the tip of the nose, as well as a S or C-shaped appearance.

About Aesthetic Operation for Crooked Noses

Usually crooked nose aesthetics are considered a surgery performed with only visual concerns. However, most of the time this nose shape brings with you breathing problems. Crooked rhinoplasty surgery can also be used to eliminate unilateral or bilateral respiratory problems. Performing this operation before the age of 20 is not recommended except in cases of necessity. Because face development may not be completed until the age of 20. Therefore, if there is no serious respiratory problem, it is necessary to wait for the completion of facial development for surgery.

Why is Crooked Nose Aesthetics Difficult?

Crooked Nose Aesthetics
Crooked nasal structure of the nasal bone and cartilage tissues in the opposite direction is a spread. This makes crooked nose aesthetic surgery much more difficult than other nose aesthetic surgeries. Occasionally, nose traumas that occur during childhood are among the reasons for the surgery. Because while the nose continues to grow on the one hand, serious deformation can occur inside the nose.

This challenging operation is successfully completed thanks to the separate planning of the crooked nasal esthetic surgery in each patient, the detailed examination of the condition of the tissue and nasal bone before the surgery and the experience of the physician.

How Long Does Crooked Nose Aesthetics Last?

The duration of surgery varies from patient to patient. Because as we mentioned before, the appearance of the crooked nose can be in many different ways, and it is impossible for each patient to perform a crooked nose aesthetic surgery with the same procedure. In some patients, intervention in the nasal bone is essential to eliminate the crooked appearance. In some patients, only interfering with the cartilage tissue is sufficient to achieve the desired appearance, especially when the nose tip is very lightly crooked.

As a result, the duration of the crooked nasal esthetic operation will not be the same for these two patients. In general, we can state that this time varies from 1 hour to 4 hours. This time can be extended even if a very demanding intervention is required. It is important that the operation is performed in the most accurate manner and that the desired result is obtained perfectly, rather than the duration of the operation. Since the patient is under the influence of anesthesia during the operation, it is never possible to feel pain or pain in the long-lasting operations. Therefore, patients do not need to worry about long-lasting crooked nasal aesthetic operations.

Asymmetric Appearance After Crooked Nose Aesthetics

Crooked Nose Aesthetics

Each surgical operation has its own risks. There is no risk-free surgery. Therefore, asymmetric appearance of the nose after crooked nose aesthetic operation is among the risks. In this case, a second operation; revision nasal surgery may be required. But there is a critical point here… Before the healing process is completed, there may be an asymmetrical appearance in the nose area. Edema on one side of the nose may dissolve faster, but asymmetrical posture may occur because the swelling found on the other side is more. For this reason, it is necessary to wait for the completion of the recovery period after crooked nose aesthetics. Because revision nose aesthetics will have to wait for a while already.

Rhinoplasty Operation For Crooked Nose - 1 year after nose job

Bone and Cartilage Memory Affect Recovery

The recovery time after surgery is not the same in all patients, and this also applies to crooked nasal esthetics. Bone and cartilage tissues are the most effective elements in the recovery period. At the same time, the skin thickness of the patient is one of the determining factors in the recovery period. In patients with a thin skin structure, healing is a little faster, because the skin wraps the nose skeleton faster. However, even a very small deformity may appear more clearly in patients with thin skin. Complete symmetry and perfection after rhinoplasty is not always possible, especially in patients with severe curved nasal deformities. As a result of cartilage memory and bone memory, less (or very little) asymmetric areas may be re-emerged after recovery only after curved or twisted nasal aesthetic operations.

Recovery after Crooked Nose Aesthetics

Of course, how to intervene in the nose area after crooked nose aesthetics is effective in healing time. The first day and the second day may experience mild pain, but the medications prescribed by the doctor provide relief of the pain. The presence of bruising and swelling is extremely normal. After 2 to 3 days, bruises and edema begin to diminish spontaneously. Depending on the rate of tissue healing in the patient, bandages are also removed one week to 10 days after surgery. Bandages may also be removed earlier if mild intervention is performed.

Rhinoplasty Operation For Crooked Nose - 1 year after nose job

There is no clinical rest after surgery. After a few hours of observation, the patient can be discharged and the patient can go home. You should also not rush to see the result after crooked nose aesthetics. Whichever technique is used, you have to wait at least 6 months to see the result clearly in nose surgeries.

Advantages of Open Technique Nose Aesthetics in Crooked Noses

Crooked Nose Aesthetics
First of all, as in all aesthetic operations crooked nose aesthetics for your doctor should decide which technique to use. Although many patients wish to undergo closed surgery, this approach may not be appropriate for all patients. Various elements, such as the present nose shape and the nose shape to be acquired by surgery, may make it necessary to perform the operation with open technique. In addition, it may be preferred by your doctor to perform the surgery with an open technique for a different purpose.

An open approach to crooked nose aesthetic surgery can provide some advantages. The most important of these is that all cartilage tissues and bone structure of the nose can be easily intervened. Since the nose is in direct field of view, all kinds of surgical techniques can be easily applied and any part of the nose can be intervened. At the same time, all kinds of graft techniques or sutures can be performed in open technique nasal surgeries. However, in open crooked nose aesthetic surgeries, all of the deformities in the nose can be seen and solutions can be applied. Let us emphasize that the open and closed approach is only a way to reach the bone and tissues in the nose.

Crooked Nose Surgery

Those who want to have a nose that looks in line with the shape of the face and looks smooth, is curious about the prices of crooked nose aesthetics. However, it may be misleading to tell you about a net price or a price range. Because the current nose appearance, how to gain a view of the nose with the surgical operation, which tissues will be intervened with the rate and depending on various factors such as prices vary.

Rhinoplasty Operation For Crooked Nose - 1 year after nose job

The experience of the doctor and the techniques used in surgery are the factors affecting the price in aesthetic surgeries. Each crooked nose aesthetics are planned individually according to the person. Therefore, price information cannot be given prior to the inspection for the operation in question. If you make an appointment and have a preoperative examination, the planning of the surgery will be done by your doctor and you will receive a clear price.

Rhinoplasty Operation For Crooked Nose

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Women

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Women

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Women

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Women

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Women

Crooked Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Women

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