I Attended Hipokrat TV Youtube Channel Interview About "Difficult Nose Surgeries"

I interviewed about difficult nasal aesthetics

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Today I was the guest of the program for Hipokrat TV Youtube Channel

I joined the channelstudio as an invitee to talk about difficult nose surgeries for the Hipokrat TV Youtube Channel. I especially talked about C shaped nose deformity, deviated nose, traumatic nose deformities, nasal tip sagging and spreading at the tip of the nose while laughing. A short and full program. You can watch the videos (unfortunately in Turkish only) on Hipokrat TV Youtube Channel >> Hipokrat TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeObtAsYyKyedNfzF7mH4YQ

Aesthetic nose operations performed especially for the nose deformities that occur after trauma and surgical procedures may require various graft applications and surgical procedures different from simple nose aesthetic operations. There was a detailed interview about them.

Nasal tip sagging while laughing is a big problem for many patients. For both aesthetic and functional purposes, the problem can be solved permanently by open technique rip plasty and nose tip lifting procedures. You can search by typing the keyword "search" butonna above.

I would like to thank the employees of Hipokrat TV Youtube  Channel.

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