Nasal Hump Correction With Filler

Non-Surgical Nose Bridge Correction

Non-Surgical Nose Hump Correction

Non-surgical nasal hump correction has become one of the procedures that have gained much more attention in recent years. We can state that this procedure is a much more attractive option especially for those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of the nasal hump, but who do not look hot to have plastic surgery for various reasons. The non-surgical nasal hump correction performed within the framework of the nasal tissue volume gaining procedure is not a surgical intervention. Therefore, no incision is applied to the skin and no suture is required.

However, it should be noted that the nasal hump correction without surgery is completed in a very comfortable process for the patient. Because there is no need for general or local anesthesia for this procedure and none of the side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headache caused by anesthesia drugs are experienced. Since there is no need for clinical resting or resting at home, our patients can benefit from the application by allocating several hours during the day and can return to work.

Any individual over the age of 18 can easily benefit from nasal hump correction. The appearance of the nose belt can even negatively affect the appearance of a beautiful face. This situation may cause various psychological problems such as loss of self-confidence in patients. However, it is possible to get rid of all these problems with the non-surgical nasal bridge correction application completed in maximum 30 minutes.

However, it is necessary to underline that it is not possible to completely eliminate the image of the nasal hump with the filling process in every nose appearance. Nasal hump correction may not be 100% successful if the nasal arch protrusion is too high or if the nose has a C or S-shaped curvature. For some patients, the appearance of the nasal hump can only be removed by surgical intervention. For this reason, you should make an appointment with your doctor and have a medical examination in order to make a clear decision.

How to Fix Nose Hump With Filler 

This process uses a hyaluronic acid-containing filler, which is widely preferred to give volume to various areas of the face. In order to conceal the appearance of the nasal bridge, this filling material is injected into the tip of the nose and the root of the nose, thereby concealing the appearance of the nasal bridge. Injection to the area of ​​the nose is one of the most curious questions. However, nasal hump correction without surgery is not the same in all patients. The amount of filler to be used for patients is not the same.

Before the procedure, which parts of the nose will be injected and the amount of filler to be used is determined. Anesthetic cream is then applied to the area to be treated, thus avoiding pain during the nasal hump correction injection without surgery. Immediately after the effect of the anesthetic cream, filler material is injected into the predetermined key points. This procedure is completed and the patient can be discharged immediately.

It should be noted that the result of this operation is not permanent. Because the filler material used in nasal hump correction application without surgery is not permanent. After a while, the volume gained by filling into the nose will disappear automatically and the nose will become old again. This period may vary from person to person. In some patients the retention time of the filling material is only a few months, while in some patients it can be up to 10  to 12 months.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Nasal Bridge Correction

There are many advantages of using nasal hump correction without filling material. The first of these is a very attractive option for patients who cannot undergo surgery due to various health problems or who have not yet decided on surgery. Since it is not a surgical operation, it does not require a healing process. Since there is no need for rest, there is no need to take a break from working life and this advantage is also very important for individuals who work hard.

It is also extremely easy to perform touch-ups after nasal hump correction without surgery. With a simple injection using a small amount of filler, the touch-ups can be completed and a nose appearance to be satisfied by the patient can be achieved with these touch-ups. The repeatability of the application is also an important advantage. After the disappearance of the filling effect, nasal hump correction can be performed again without waiting. In some patients, if the filling is repeated, the retention time of the filling may also be slightly extended. Last but not least, it is a more economical option than surgical intervention.

How Does The Nose Hump Become Less Obvious?

In fact, the operation of the nose belt correction without surgery is not done any intervention in the nose belt. Because it is not possible to intervene in the nose belt without surgical operation. The injection of the filler creates a camouflage effect in a sense, thus concealing the area where the nose arch protrudes. Filling injection on the top and bottom of the nasal arch gives volume to the nose and the root of the nose. In this way, the appearance of the belt is camouflaged.

For the appearance of the nose, which has slight deformations due to traumatic reasons, the preferred filler application can be utilized in the correction of the nasal belt without surgery. However, for the revision nose aesthetic filling process can be activated. It is a very common technique and is very safe when small corrections are required. It can be easily applied to patients who do not have excessive nose disorder.

Non-Surgical Nose Hump Correction Prices

One of the curious elements on the subject is price information. However, it would be misleading to tell you a clear figure or a price range for the nasal belt correction prices without surgery. You must be examined to get price information. Because the rate of filling to be applied to the skin, which parts of the nose will be injected, which filling material is used, the budget to be allocated for this process varies depending on many factors such as doctor's experience.

Even the exchange rates are a decisive factor in the prices of the nasal belt correction without surgery. Therefore, it is much more rational to choose your doctor and have a medical examination rather than mentioning an estimated price. In general, let us know that the prices are reasonable.

Care After Non-Surgical Nose Hump Correction

First of all, nasal belt correction is one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures in which patient satisfaction and patient comfort is highest. Generally there are no problems such as bruising or swelling, and at the same time, the natural structure of the nose does not interfere with the filling process. The most important factor to be considered after this procedure is not to hit the nose area.

In particular, it will be beneficial to take care not to take impacts on the day of the operation and the next day. However, patients often need to take their hands to their noses after the operation of the nasal belt without surgery. We do not recommend touching the nose too much on the first and second days. Other than that, there is no element to be considered. As anesthetic cream is applied before application, numbness and loss of sensation in the nose area may continue for a short time after the procedure. In this case there is no need to worry. This feeling of drowsiness will disappear spontaneously in a very short time.

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