Simple Rhinoplasty Operation

Simple Nose Aesthetic Surgery in Istanbul

Simple Rhinoplasty Operation - Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone - Nose Tip Plasty + Hump Removal

Simple rhinoplasty operations are a salvation option for many patients. Many people need rhinoplasty due to reasons such as nasal deformity or lack of aesthetic harmony between the person's face shape and nose shape. However, it may not be easy for every individual to make a surgical decision. Bruises and swelling that occur around the nose and sometimes under the eyes after nasal aesthetic surgery turn into a fearful dream for some people. This is where simple nose aesthetics comes into play.

It offers a much more comfortable healing process for the patients and a simple intervention in the nose area compared to classical rhinoplasty also makes the simple nasal aesthetic procedure gain much attention recently. We can observe a misconception that this operation is not an operation in the community. This procedure should not be confused with non-surgical aesthetic applications. Because simple nose aesthetics is a surgery. However, it is not a surgical procedure performed by classical procedure. It is a much simpler and faster process.

Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone

About Simple Rhinoplasty Operation

First, simple nasal esthetic surgery is an operation that can be completed in only 30 to 60 minutes. Since local anesthesia is applied to the patient before the procedure, it is not possible to feel any pain, pain or pain during the operation. Preoperative examination with the nose to determine how to make an intervention in the operation. With the effect of local anesthesia, the operation is started and the procedure is completed in a short time.

Simple rhinoplasty
Since the incision has to be applied, there is a need for stitching after simple nasal esthetics. Self-melting sewing threads are used in the body so there is no need to re-stitch. It should also be noted that the post-operative clearance is much less. As you know, after the nasal aesthetic surgery should be used tampons. However, simple nose aesthetics do not require the use of apparatus such as splint, plaster, etc., and the patients experience a comfortable recovery.

Simple Rhinoplasty Operation - Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone - Nose Tip Plasty + Hump Removal

Simple rhinoplasty procedure, which should be applied to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the nose, is not the same in all patients. Surgery is planned differently for each patient. Because the desired appearance of the nose is different in each patient what kind of intervention is needed. In some patients, our aim is to lift the tip of the nose while in some patients the nasal belt is filed. In some patients, this operation is performed in order to remove mild deformations caused by a previous surgery.

Is Result of Simple Rhinoplasty Operation Permanent?

Of course, the nose appearance obtained with simple rhinoplasty is permanent. However, in order to clearly see the shape gained by this operation, you should wait for the completion of the healing process. The recovery time is not the same in all patients. The healing time may also vary depending on the intervention. If mild edema and bruises occur, they disappear spontaneously in just a few days. However, it takes more than a few days for 100% improvement in tissues under the skin of the nose. So the time you have to wait to see this lasting result may vary. In general, after a few months, you can see the result clearly. It is possible to see the exact result when 6 months have passed since the simple rhinoplasty operation.

Who is  Suitable For  Simple Rhinoplasty Operation?

Simple nasal aesthetics is an ideal option for patients with a slight rasp of the nasal arch. We can also state that it is an attractive aesthetic procedure for those who are afraid of rhinoplasty surgery performed with the classical procedure and those who do not look warmly to the surgical operation because of this fear. Those who do not want to take a long break from their lives, those who are busy in business life and those who want to go back to their social life immediately after surgery can easily benefit from the simple rhinoplasty operation.

Simple Rhinoplasty Operation - Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone - Nose Tip Plasty + Hump Removal

However, we do not recommend plastic surgery before the age of 18, including simple rhinoplasty. However, surgery during pregnancy and lactation is also inconvenient and therefore it is necessary to wait until the end of the breastfeeding period. Any individual who does not have an obstacle to surgery can benefit from the operation.

Advantages of Natural Nose Aesthetics

The bruising is hardly expected, although there may be a slight swelling following simple rhinoplasty operations, which offers numerous advantages. Therefore, patients do not need to take a break from their work and social lives for days. Only one day after the operation, patients can go to work and return to their daily lives. Breathing or nasal plaster is not used because of respiratory problems. The recovery time is much shorter than classical rhinoplasty and the postoperative pain is also mild. The size of the risks associated with the surgical intervention is less because the diameter of the intervention to the nose area is much smaller.

Use of Glasses After Simple Rhinoplasty

Regardless of the shape of the nose area, the use of glasses without improvement after simple rhinoplasty is inconvenient. Because glasses make weight to the nose and this results in distortion of the shape gained by surgery. This also applies to nasal tip lifting operations. Therefore, the use of glasses should be suspended for a while. For those who wear a pair of glasses, this may seem a troubled picture, but the lens option eliminates the problem. After the operation, you can use the lens until the recovery is fully achieved. How long it is inconvenient to wear glasses may also vary depending on the recovery time of the patients. After the initial check-up after surgery, your doctor will advise you on your recovery level. Since it is usually a simple intervention, it is enough not to wear glasses for 1 month.

However, you should take care not to take a blow to the nose until the recovery occurs after simple nasal aesthetics. Likewise, a slight blow to the nose may cause distortion of the operation. In this case, a second surgery becomes mandatory. Therefore, it will be beneficial to avoid heavy sports activities and exercises for a few weeks after the operation. During this period, baths, saunas, swimming pools and the sea is also inconvenient. Antibiotic medicines prescribed by your doctor must be used regularly. These drugs are used to eliminate the risk of infection. You should also avoid movements that force the body too much for the first week.

Cost of Simple Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul

Of course, simple rhinoplasty prices are also curious. However, you need to be examined before you can get a quote. This surgical operation can be performed for many different purposes. Sometimes it involves interfering with the nasal arch, and sometimes it only involves interfering with the cartilage tissues in the nose. Your current nose shape and how to intervene with the nose are the determining factors in the price point.

The doctor's experience, the technique by which simple rhinoplasty can be performed and even the exchange rates are the factors that are taken into consideration in determining the price. As a result, it is impossible to send a price information to you without inspection. Since an estimate can also be misleading, we recommend that you make an appointment for an examination first.

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