Patient Care Suggestions After Adenoidectomy

Postoperative Care For Adenoid Removal Surgery

Adenoidectomy Operation in İstanbul

Adenoid is a lymphoid tissue located at the back of the nasal cavity. In children with adenoid hypertrophy, mouth open sleep and various ear problems may occur.

How is adenoidectomy performed?

Adenoidectomy is performed under general anesthesia. When the patient is lying on his back, the head is moved backwards, and after the automatic mouth retractor is placed, a thin probe is inserted through the nose into the oral cavity. By stretching the catheter, the soft palate moves forward and upward. The nasal flesh is scraped with tools called adenotom. In addition, adenoidectomy (shaver-adenoidectomy) can be performed with endoscopic method and shaver. Unlike other surgical procedures, most of the techniques used in adenoidectomy operations are similar.

Adenoid Removal Surgery (Adenoidectomy Operation) Video

What to do after adenoidectomy

During the adenoidectomy operation, the pressure of the automatic mouth retractors placed, the soft palate stretched may cause pain in the tongue, palate and small amount of lip area. It is usually much less painful than tonsillectomy.

The steps to be taken after the adenoidectomy operation can be summarized as follows:

- the first 4 hours after surgery should be hungry and dehydrated, and the effect of anesthesia should be completely eliminated.

- when the first meal is eaten, it is ideal not to eat excessively hard, hot and spicy food

- It is generally appropriate not to consume hot, spicy and salty in the first few days. Normal food can be started after consultation with your doctor.

- you will need to check with your doctor 7-10 days after the procedure

- after the adenoidectomy operation, bleeding may occur in the form of dripping in the anterior and nasal arteries of the nose. Usually these bleeding can be seen in the first 3 days

- the room where the patient stays after surgery is not too hot

- bending to the ground for the first few weeks after the procedure, it is ideal to avoid activities that increase blood pressure in the head area in the form of lifting.

- postoperative simple painkillers are generally appropriate, but additional antibiotics may be recommended if necessary.

Adenoidectomy Operation

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