2nd Week After Male Rhinoplasty Operation - Natural Look Begins!

2 Weeks After Nose Job For Men

2nd Week After Male Rhinoplasty Operation

In the above and below photos, there is a pre-operative and open technique rhinoplasty operation image of a male patient with thick skin features, sagging nasal tip and prominent nasal arch. In fact, after 2 weeks, such a natural appearance can usually be obtained when minimal traumatic techniques are used in patients who follow regular recommendations and perform the necessary nasal care, as in the patient I shared with you here. However, after complicated rhinoplasty operations performed in patients with asymmetrical nasal features, curved nasal deformity, and 2 after revision rhinoplasty operations performed on patients with thick skin, more edematous noses may be seen. Generally, it is recommended to start long walks and jogs 2 weeks after the rhinoplasty operation and return to normal work life.

Especially in patients with thick skin characteristics, it may be ideal to prolong the nasal prick up to 3 weeks and then apply bursting only during sleep. It would be best to decide this according to the patient's nose characteristics.

Nose Job For Men in Istanbul, 2nd Week After Male Rhinoplasty Operation

After the rhinoplasty operation, I recommend lying with the upper half of the body 45 degrees above the first 3 weeks, and washing the hair and body separately while bathing. In other words, after the 3rd week, the return to normal life begins. You have to wait longer before heavy exercises and eyeglass wearing.

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