I'm Back From a Small Trip and I'm Back to Work Monday!

Dr.Murat Enoz

I had to leave Istanbul for a few days. As climate characteristics, Turkey, which feature dry and terrestrial 'I went to the capital city of Ankara, and I returned. You can feel the feeling of dryness in my nose and the darkening of the secretion as soon as it goes away. Intranasal saline irrigation is very useful, if nasal dryness increases, it may be necessary to use intranasal moisturizing products. I could not go to very crowded places due to the coronavirus epidemic, but the place you see in the photo is Lake Eymir. It is a very natural and beautiful environment. Especially in the case of nasal dryness, nasal functions can be negatively affected and it is very important to pay attention to intranasal care and nutritional properties for healthy mucus secretion. It is important to drink plenty of water, avoid mixing inside the nose, and irrigation of salty water inside the nose. I am starting to work again on Monday, it is a very busy week and we have patients and surgeries from different countries.

Eymir Lake

Eymir Lake

Eymir Lake

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