We Performed Again "Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone"

Nose job without bone broken in men Istanbul

Rhinoplasty without breaking the bone,Nose job without bone broken,

Especially in patients who cannot push the fracture of the nasal bone and are suitable for this procedure, only surgical operation on the tip of the nose and reduction of the nasal arch can be performed. As can be seen in the photos above and below, nasal tip aesthetics + limited amount of hump reduction operations can be performed in patients with prominent nasal belt and drooping nasal tip.

In this link, you can see the difference in shape of the patient I shared with you before and after the operation.

Rhinoplasty without breaking the bone,Nose job without bone broken,
A limited amount of reduction to the nasal arch and nasal tip aesthetic operation, before and after photos. In this collage, in the photos below, you can see the shine and a small amount of bruising in the nasal arch area (as the photos were taken later than the others).

I would like to share the following information about the rhinoplasty without breaking the bone operation:

- Not suitable for every patient!
- Not ideal for patients with very prominent nasal belt
- In those with wide nasal bone base, if excessive amount of arch file is applied, a flattened appearance may occur in the nose.
- During the nasal arch reduction, a limited amount of hump reduction is made to prevent open roof deformity.
- Sometimes, the nose hump cannot be reduced completely without breaking the nasal bone; So especially if you are complaining about the nasal bridge, you should discuss this situation in detail with your doctor!

As can be seen in the photographs below, the nasal arch is clearly visible in a limited amount after the operation.
This procedure is performed in selected patients with the aim of mimmal anatomical changes and surgical trauma. Previously published similar and detailed article links >> Combination Three Different Applications For Rhinoplasty Without Breaking BoneRhinoplasty Operation Without Breaking The Nasal Bone

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