Nasal Swab Test and Mask Use After Rhinoplasty Operation

Nasal Cotton PCR Test and Wearing Face Mask After Nose Job

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, coronavirus tests are performed in hospitals where an operation appointment is made 2 days before the operation in Istanbul. Surgery continues in patients with negative coronavirus tests and no signs of infection. Two questions frequently asked by our patients "Can we get the nasopharyngeal cotton swab test for the coronavirus PCR test as soon as possible after the rhinoplasty operation?" and "What should be considered when using antibacterial and antiviral face masks after rhinoplasty?". After the rhinoplasty operation, I would like to answer these questions below, as it is necessary to have a Covid-19 PCR test and wear a mask while returning to their country or traveling to different regions.

When Can Nasopharyngeal Swab Test Be Performed After Rhinoplasty Operation For Coronavirus?

The PCR test using cotton swab to take a swab test from inside the nose and nasopharynx after rhinoplasty operation can be performed 7-10 days after the rhinoplasty operation. However, waiting for 2 weeks may be more appropriate due to higher mucosal healing and lower risk of bleeding. Failure to apply transverse force towards the side walls or nasal septum while inserting the swab into the nose may reduce the possibility of mucosal damage.

How Can Antiviral and Antibacterial Face Masks be Used After Rhinoplasty?

Nasopharyngeal Swab Test After Rhinoplasty, Wearing of face mask after nose job,Covid-19,Coronavirus,

After the rhinoplasty operation, it may be inconvenient to use masks that close the face and nose area very tightly and slow down the air flow rate seriously for the first few weeks. When using Baist, several-layer, wire, antibacterial face masks, a mask can be worn with the wire as wide-angle as possible or wireless masks can be used. Especially if very thick masks are used, pressure on the tip of the nose and nasal bone may result in an increase in edema due to the heating of the nose. Classical masks can be used after the first week after simple nasal tip aesthetic surgery.

Nasopharyngeal Swab Test After Rhinoplasty, Wearing of face mask after nose job,Covid-19,Coronavirus,

After the rhinoplasty operation, it is the best practice to act according to the recommendations of the physician performing the operation.

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