Surgery Is Not An Exact Science And The Results Are Not Always Predictable!

Cartilage and Bone Memory, Healing Process, Patient'S Care May Effect The Result!

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Before rhinoplasty operation, all expectations of the patient about the surgery should be understood. If the patient's expectations and the physician's facial analysis results match, the patient's surgery should be planned. Despite all the careful evaluation and careful work done during the surgery; Simple or more advanced complex cosmetic / functional problems can be seen after surgery.

The experience of the surgeon can enable the patient to understand what kind of problem the patient may encounter in the future, and the occurrence of more serious complications can be prevented with different techniques and applications during the surgery. Long-term results of surgical procedures are not always predictable. Many factors belonging to the patient and the physician are important in the form of the nose that occurs after surgery.

rhinoplasty without bone breaking
Nose job without bone breaking in Istanbul

rhinoplasty without bone breaking
Nose job without bone breaking in Istanbul

Some factors belonging to the patient:

- Believing in the success of the operation, adhering to the physician, following all postoperative recommendations with good communication
- Taking care to protect the nose from trauma
- Whether the patient's body has excessive reactions related to recovery

Some factors belonging to the physician:

- Understanding the patient's expectations and making the necessary changes and modifications during the operation if it is compatible with the objective criteria.
- Respecting the anatomical structures and supporting tissues of the nose during the surgery

The cartilage, bone, connective tissue changes made during the rhinoplasty operation are completely performed on living and healing tissues. The patient's healing characteristics, postoperative care, cartilage and bone memory determine the outcome. In patients with facial bone asymmetry and severe asymmetrical nasal features, achieving a complete symmetrical result with just one surgery sometimes cannot go beyond imagination. Therefore, it may be appropriate to cancel the surgical procedure or to apply the "health insurance covered rhinoplasty" procedure, as is done in some clinics, in patients who are unscientific and who expect millimeter symmetry with a single operation. Accordingly, health insurances receive a large amount of payment before the operation for asymmetrical nose and the costs of repetitive surgeries are covered by the insurance! I do not operate in this way and it should be kept in mind that there may be surgical risks associated with repetitive surgeries and the result may not be symmetrical in millimeters!

It is very important not to confuse the magnificent digital visual processing animation programs with the surgical procedure and to understand the unscientific expectations.

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