Glare and Discoloration of The Nail Bottoms Under Ultraviolet Light in Patients With Coronavirus Infection

Covid-19 Infection - Shine and Discoloration of The Nail Under UV Light

This video was coincidentally reached over WhatsApp and I did not have the opportunity to scientifically verify it. However, I felt the need to share whether it could possibly work in the Covid-19 pandemic, which is now the world's troublemaker.

What the speaker said in the video:

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Glare and Discoloration of The Nail Bottoms Under Ultraviolet Light in Patients With Coronavirus Infection

"Firmamızda Covid-19 enfeksiyonu geçiren ve geçirmeyen kişiler arasında, tırnak diplerinde, ultraviyole ışık altında bir fark oluştuğunu gördük. Gördüğünüz gibi, ben yeni koronavirüs enfeksiyonu geçirdim ve iyileştim, ultraviyole ışıkta bir parlama söz konusu. Koronavirüs enfeksiyonu geçiren başka bir arkadaşımızın tırnak diplerinde, bu parlamayı fark edebiliyorsunuz. Şimdi koronavirüs enfeksiyonu geçirmeyen bir arkadaşımızın tırnak dibinde, ultraviyole ışık altında herhangi bir parlama söz konusu değil. Karşılaştırma amacıyla benim ve arkadaşımın eline bakabilirsiniz, benim elimdeki tırnak dibimin, uv ışık altında parlak olduğunu ve diğer koronavirüs geçirmeyen arkadaşımızın tırnak dibinde, uv ışık altında herhangi bir parlama olmadığını görebilirsiniz. Böyle bir fark var ..."

"In our company, we have seen a difference in the nail bottoms between people who have had Covid-19 infection and those who do not. As you can see, I had a new coronavirus infection and recovered, there is a glow in ultraviolet light. In the nail bottoms of another friend who had a coronavirus infection. Now when you look at the nail base of a friend who is not infected with coronavirus, there is no glare under ultraviolet light. For comparison, you can look at my and my friend's hand, my nail base is bright under UV light and the base of our other coronavirus-free friend's nail, you can see that there is no glare under the uv light. There is such a difference ..."

Corona virus can cause intravascular occlusion and cause bruising in the toes. When the clots in the PDamar are in the arms and legs, this clot goes to the extreme point, depending on its size, and blocks the artery. When you block it, that area does not get blood. First, a chill occurs in that area, loss of sensation, coldness appears. Over a period of time, the area is no longer oxygenated, resulting in a blue-purple discoloration. The color of your finger turning blue or purple under normal light can be a sign of circulatory disorder that can cause serious tissue loss, but the situation in this video is not a discoloration in the form of bruising due to vascular occlusion.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are also known to cause color changes in the skin and mucous membranes. Hydroxychloroquine, like chloroquine, is thought to cause discoloration of the skin by binding to melatonin. In the image in this video, there is no color change in the patients under normal light; Only under ultraviolet light glare is seen at the bottom of the nails. Is this because of the side effect of one of the drugs used in coronavirus infection; Or is it due to a tissue change caused by the coronavirus. Detailed scientific studies should be conducted on the subject.

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In these articles, skin changes in the toes are described, that is, it is not about the discoloration under UV light in the bottom of the nail described in the video above.

Warning: The information and images published in this video must be verified by scientific studies. The suggestions and information contained in this video cannot be used as a Covid-19 screening test or an aid in treatment.

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