We Performed Revision Nose Job - Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Nose Augmentation With Deep Temporalis Fascia and Rib Cartilage - Before and After Video

The patient, who had a nose operation several times in a different country, applied to our clinic with the request of a revision rhinoplasty operation. The following problems were identified in the assessment:

- Nasal dorsum irregularities
- asymetrical nose tip
- overreducted dorsal hump
- droopy nose tip
- asymetrical nostrils

The following procedures were performed for the patient in the planned operation:

- nasal dorsal augmentation using deep temporal fascia
- Reconstruction of the destructive cartilage structure of the nasal tip using rib cartilage, nose tip straightening
- Cap graft and columellar sturt graft placement at the tip of the nose
- marginal rim graft placement in the nasal wing
- unilateral alar cephalic resection

In the video above and in the photos below, there are pre- and post-operation images. Two sutures in the nasal root of the patient are self-melting sutures used to fix the temporal fascia. Again, a few mm skin incisions are seen on both sides of the nasal root for external ostetomy.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty,Revision Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Augmentation Nose Job Turkey, Deep Temporalis Fascia

Augmentation Rhinoplasty,Revision Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Augmentation Nose Job Turkey, Deep Temporalis Fascia

All irregular protrusions are camouflaged with the temporalis fascia placed in the nasal dorsum. Temporalis fascia is an ideal graft material that can be used as a natural filling material of the patient in augmentation rhinoplasty operations.

Advantages of using the patient's temporal fascia in revion rhinoplasty and nasal dorsal augmentation

Temporal Fascia
- Temporal fascia is a tissue with high blood supply and easy adaptation under the skin. It is ideal for patients at risk of circulatory problems, especially after repeated nose operations.
- by creating a natural camouflage texture where it is placed, it can camouflage dorsal irregularities, which are more easily permeable in patients with thin skin
- In patients with excessive hump reduction, it can be placed alone or with cartilage grafts, cartilage powder or tube shape in the re-ugmentation of the dorsum. There are clinics using temporal fascia in dorsal augmentation as a standard in some ethnic rhinoplasties.
- Since it is a tissue of the patient, there is no risk of tissue rjection. However, it is important to pay attention to sterilization conditions when removing and placing the temporal fascia.
- generally low risk of slipping out of place. However, it can be easily fixed to the nasal dorsum with self-melting suture materials.

Temporal Fascia
Temporal Fascia

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