Alcohol Consumption Before and After Rhinoplasty Operation

How Soon Can You Drink Alcohol After Nose Job?

Alcohol Drinking After Rhinoplasty, Alcohol Consumption Before and After Nose Job, The Effect of Alcohol Consumption On RhinoplastyThe nutritional characteristics and habits such as smoking and alcohol use of patients who have undergone rhinoplasty may affect the recovery time and recovery rate. Detailed information will be given to you after the operation. On the next page, you can find useful links about what to do after the rhinoplasty operation in the left column. Due to the various negative effects of alcohol, the use of alcohol in the first days after surgery is not recommended due to the tissue trauma caused by the surgery, the drugs used during general anesthesia, painkillers, especially antibiotics, and other drugs given after the surgery.

The Effect of Alcohol Consumption On Rhinoplasty

Drinking alcoholic beverages early after the rhinoplasty operation may cause the following adverse effects:

Interaction of oral drugs with alcohol, altered liver breakdown and blood levels affected

Oral medication (antibiotics, edema-relieving vitamins and herbal supplements, pain relief tablets ...) can usually be given for 1-2 weeks after nasal aesthetics. Drinking alcohol during this period may affect the blood levels of these drugs.

Risk of bleeding and increased edema due to the vasodilator effect of alcohol

When alcoholic drinks are drunk, it may cause an increase in vascular width and, depending on this, an increase in tissue blood supply, an increase in the risk of bleeding, and an increase in tissue edema. Just like exposure to heat, it is the reason why you feel a temperature increase in your throat when you consume alcoholic beverages. Edema is more pronounced especially in the first 2 months after rhinoplasty operation, and heavy alcohol consumption during this period may cause an increase in the existing swelling.

Alcohol also has effects such as water retention and dryness on the skin.

You Should Avoid Alcohol Consumption Before & After 2 Weeks From Nose Aesthetic Surgery

It is appropriate to terminate alcohol consumption at least 2 weeks before the rhinoplasty operation and not to consume it for at least 2 weeks after the operation. Consuming alcohol before the operation may change the destruction of anesthesia drugs, causing blood levels to be affected and the risk of bleeding during the operation. Drinking alcoholic beverages before the operation may cause an increase in the eye area and facial bruising - edema after the operation.

When can you start consuming alcohol at the earliest after a rhinoplasty operation?

You should not consume alcohol for at least 2 weeks after rhinoplasty. After that, you can start using it slowly without overdoing it. The times we give with all these are the general average. Your aesthetic doctor will inform you about the final decision. After complicated rhinoplasty operations, your doctor may determine this period longer. It may be beneficial to consume alcoholic ingredients cold and in limited quantities.

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