It Is Snowing In Istanbul!

Nose Care Tips When Snowing

Nose care in cold weather, rhinoplasty care in snowy weather
A photo taken in Polonezkoy, on the Asian side of Istanbul.

It is snowing for the first time and very beautiful views appear. Since the limited curfew is in effect, you can go to very nice places to stay without crowds. It will be beneficial for the patients who have had nasal surgery to pay attention to the following recommendations to prevent the nasal mucosa from drying during this period:

Continue irrigating the nose with regular ocean water sprays
- In order not to dry the nasal mucosa, please do not insert a napkin, finger, paper towel into the nose, do not mix the nose.
- Do not increase your consumption of black tea and coffee with diuretic properties too much.
Avoid eating excessively salty foods that may cause the nasal mucosa to dry out again.
- Use the face mask! In particular, slowing down the flow rate of cold air entering the nose can reduce the drying of its mucosa.
- Drink plenty of water!
- If you want to walk in cold and snowy weather, please irrigate the nose with saline water before leaving your home or hotel and do not forget to use your nasal moisturizing drops or spray.

Apart from these, of course, do not fall and hit your nose.

Have fun!

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