Structural Changes of Tongue According To The Type of Tongue Tie and It'sTension Force

Tongue Shape Changes Due to Tongue Ties

Depending on the type of tongue tie and tensile strength, the shape of the tongue may be affected ... With the anatomical tongue tongue tie and lip tie classification, the functional severity classification is not always linked. However, even if the severity of the anatomical tongue tie is low, the structural change in the tongue that occurs in patients who strain the tongue tip may be more. For example, in an adult patient with type 2 anterior tongue tie who strained the tip of the tongue to play the clarinet, there were more deeply notched tongue tips than my patient with the Type 1 anterior tongue tip in the video.

In babies with a posterior tongue tie, the tongue edges may be prominent upwards, the more tightly the middle part of the tongue is attached to the base of the mouth, the tongue shape can change from a plate to a deep bowl ...

In the anterior tongue ties (especially Type 1 anterior tongue tie) when the bifurcation at the tongue tip and the tongue tip is moved out from the mouth, a heart-shaped tongue tip may seen. When viewed from the front, it can be seen that the tongue is notched in a "V" shaped tongue.

In babies with a posteior tongue tie, different symptoms such as "clicking sound", "reflux", "backflow of milk from the mouth" may occur while breastfeeding; During the baby's effort to vacuum the breast, muscle contraction and strain under the chin may be felt.

The tongue tie, which is an anatomical structure that occurs in the mother's womb, may affect the structure of the tongue depending on the area of ​​involvement and tension in the tongue. It may not be possible to eliminate all these anatomical changes after tongue tie release surgery.

Tongue Shape Changes in A Baby With Type 2 Tongue Tie

In the video above, a baby with a type 2 anterior tongue tie shows a bifurcated tongue tip and a heart-shaped tongue structure. The patient also has a type 4 upper lip tie. Tongue tie relase surgery and lip tie operation were planned in the baby with feeding problems, reflux and swallowing problems.

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