We Published "Ear Ventilation Tube Placement (T Tube) Video"

Tympanostomy and T-tube Placement to The Eardrum

We performed Ear Ventilation Tube Placement (T Tube) procedure on the patient who was treated for retraction of the eardrum and chronic serous otitis media. An incision (tympanotomy, myringotomy, paracentesis) was performed in the anterior-lower quadrant of the eardrum. The viscous liquid was aspirated. T Tube (1.14 mm in diameter) was placed. The position of the tube was checked with the aid of a curved needle guide. The operation is terminated.

You can find detailed information about why ear ventilation tubes are used and which types are available in the links below. In the history of this patient, despite more than 6 months of medical treatment, an ear and emulation tube was placed due to the gradual increase in ear blockage and hearing loss, the onset of structural changes in the eardrum, and a conductive hearing loss of more than 30 dB in the audiometry test. During the operation, it was observed that the aspirated liquid was quite mucoid and thick. Due to the structural change in the eardrum, it was planned to insert a long-term T Tube.

This operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia; however, general anesthesia is more comfortable. In pediatric patients, it is usually performed together with adenoidectomy operation. The patient in the video also had severe septum deviation and turbinate hypertrophy. Septoplasty and turbinate radiofrequency and reduction operations were also performed on the patient.

Murat Enoz, MD, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon

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