I'm Back From The West Black Sea Region Trip!

Beautiful Photos From The Black Sea Coast

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There are many regions close to Istanbul where you can go to visit and take photos in Turkey. For a week, I had the opportunity to visit the following cities and places, respectively, located on the border of the Black Sea:

- Blackwater
- Akcakoca
- Zonguldak - Eregli
- Bartin - İnkumu
- Bartin - Amasra

Especially Amasra is also known as a honeymoon place and it is a really beautiful region. A historical and must-see beach destination.

I published the photos without any changes.

Amasra was at the far end of our trip and the journey takes approximately 5.5 hours by car.

After this trip, I started with a very busy schedule. We send greetings to all our patients and friends from Turkey.

The link where you can find detailed information about the Black Sea Region >> All About Turkey Black Sea | All About Turkey

Dr. Murat Enoz, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon, ENT Doctor - Turkey

It was a trip where I could stop without cutting my beard for about 20 years. For almost a week :)

Dr. Murat Enoz, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon, ENT Doctor - Turkey

You can take a look at the unfiltered photos I took below:

Murat Enoz, MD, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon

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  1. I am very worried i sent my photos to muratenoz@gmail.com I hope this is your official email. This is TAtiana and I just sent them 10 minuted ago. Please get back to me. I also love the black sea coast of Turkey bulgaria and GFeorgia. I am in Georgia and i want to have a consult with you. I have been sending emails but i get no response. I finally sent the photos but i don't even know if it is your email or if it is some hacker. Anyway. Beautiful photos of the bLack Sea COasr. Please let me come for na consult my columnella collapsed so my nostrils are crooked. I only want the tip to be fixed I am very happy with how it looks form both sides.:) I am not picky. I am 50 I will be 51 and my skin is aweseome so I am very grateful. I hope to meet you some day. |Ciao. I am currently in Kvariati Georgia and hoping to come to see you for my consultation. If ypou ever get back to me.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your kind words.
      My email address is muratenoz@gmail.com and my WhatsApp numbers +905336550199 no problem about these.

      I got your emails but I havent enough time to reply shortly. Your nose is look like very complicated and revision. You can look the revision rhinoplasty link in this website for reading more details about it. Normally we dont want to big surgical trauma and big risks. Ir is not easy simple work, this is alive tissue changing and circulation problems, fibrosis, healing problems may become the surgery as more complicated. If you can come to isyanbul I want to examined your nose closely.

      Greetings from istanbul,
      Assoc.Prof.Dr.Murat Enoz


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