Should Hair Transplantation or Rhinoplasty Be Done First?

Things to Consider If Hair Transplantation Was Performed Before Nose Aesthetics Operation

I would like to add the following important information for our patients who are planning both hair transplantation and rhinoplasty operation at the same time in a limited time. I would like to emphasize that for both processes, a certain amount of time must pass between them and you should pay attention to the following recommendations.

Is It Okay to Get Rhinoplasty After 7-10 Days of Hair Transplantation?

Rhinoplasty operation can be performed 7-10 days after hair transplantation. It will be useful to pay attention to the following recommendations for the rapid elimination of edema on the face and therefore in the nose due to hair transplantation:

- wearing a tight printed bandana on the head
- sitting upright
- keeping the room cool
- applying cold arnica gel to the face and nose (5-6 times a day), this recommendation can be started a few days before the procedure
- Using tablets containing Brolemlain, Quarcetin and Vitamin C (pineapple eaten daily)
- if the face edema is high, taking a walk in the morning and evening
- can also be applied cold

Is It Safe to Have a Rhinoplasty and Hair Transplantation in Sametime?

It is not appropriate to have rhinoplasty and hair transplantation at the same time. It is ideal to have a time interval of at least 7-10 days between them. After the rhinoplasty operation, it is ideal to keep the patient's head higher than their body. Switching to the hair transplant position immediately after the procedure may increase nosebleeds and facial edema. Likewise, starting a rhinoplasty operation immediately after hair transplantation may not be appropriate due to facial edema.

Which Procedure Should You Have Performed First?

Due to the position of the hair transplantation, it is ideal to perform this procedure first and then to plan the nasal aesthetic operation.

Can You Get Nose Job Few Months After Hair Transplantation?

After a 2-week period after hair transplantation, there is no harm in performing a nose aesthetic operation. During the rhinoplasty operation, it is sufficient to protect the scalp from mechanical trauma.

Does Dr.Murat Enöz Perform Hair Transplantation?

I wanted to add that you are asking this question, I do not do surgical procedures that I have no experience with. I refer my patients to my clinic and physician friends who are very experienced in this field.

You Need to Have 2 Covid PCR Tests For Both Procedures!

Currently, all hospitals in Istanbul want to see the Covid-119 PCR test and negative result 1-3 days before for all patients who will enter the operating room. In this case, since hair transplantation is usually performed in operating room conditions, you will need to have a coronavirus test before both hair transplantation and rhinoplasty surgery. In this way, it will be useful in operating rooms, in the protection of patients from the coronavirus.

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